Holyoke Police Bring Christmas Joy Text Size

For 32 years, Holyoke police have collected toys and delivered them to homeless shelters and poor neighborhoods in the city. A number of now-retired police officers saw too many children going without in poor neighborhoods and wanted to show that the police are there to help, not just on Christmas, but every day. 

Holyoke Police Detective Jared Hamel – and his police colleagues handed out toys to over 1,000 children on Christmas Day.

The event is organized by the Holyoke Police Department Narcotics Bureau. “We’ve got truckloads of donations,” said Sgt. Daniel Reardon. People were donating even through Christmas Eve, he said.

The effort has become year-round and has continued to steadily grow and spread holiday cheer throughout the community.

Thank you Holyoke Police Department!

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Photo credit – MassLive

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