Holyoke ‘Operation Full Throttle’ nets 211 arrests, 9200 heroin bags, 5 guns Text Size

After a sweep that began on April 3, the Holyoke Police Department concluded “Operation Full Throttle” on April 16. The 13-day operation resulted in 211 arrests, and the seizure of 9200 heroin bags, 5 guns, and $60,000. 

The sweep began April 3 with police investigating a shooting behind 200 Oak St. that Neiswanger said resulted in prevention of a murder, and continued to Thursday morning.

The arrests were made as a result of raids, traffic stops and investigations in the Downtown, Churchill, South Holyoke and the Flats neighborhoods.

The operation demonstrates the Holyoke Police Department’s continued efforts at addressing drug-related crime in the city and keeping Holyoke’s streets safe.


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