Holyoke High Business Club Visits Center City Businesses Text Size

On Wednesday April 8, students from the Holyoke High School Business Club visited various businesses within Center City Holyoke to learn about current activities supporting Holyoke’s growing diverse economy.

32 students spent the day touring businesses that included Edaron Inc., Applied Light, the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center, Brick Co-Workshop, and the redevelopment of the STEAM Building.  During lunch, students received a lesson from SPARK Executive Director, Farid Khelfoui, on how to create their own business plans and learned how they can get involved with the new entrepreneurship program in Holyoke.

The Pioneer Valley Transit Authority donated transportation to make the trip possible and each business volunteered their time to host tours and teach students about how their investments are reinventing former and current industrial spaces into creative, thriving businesses.

“Holyoke’s fortunate to have both a strong manufacturing base and a creative economy that produces a diverse set of products and it is important for our young people to know that,” said Mayor Alex Morse. “More importantly, we are fortunate to have a business community that is often willing to volunteer their time and resources to make these kinds of educational experiences possible.”

“It’s great to highlight the portfolio of thriving businesses in Holyoke to the students. My hope is that it serves as inspiration for an upcoming career path and that they know the economic foundation that is being put in place is also for them.” said Marcos Marrero, Director of Planning and Economic Development.

“It was a fun experience to host the students and be able to show them some special technologies that are being utilized right here in Holyoke,” said Kathy Macy, President of Applied Light located at 48 Commercial Street.

This was the 8th annual field trip organized by the Holyoke Office of Planning & Economic Development.

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