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After an extensive public RFP process, the city of Holyoke has awarded its EMS Ambulance contract to Action Ambulance Service Inc. This is the first time Holyoke has made a change to its ambulance service in over 10 years.


“Today, I am happy to announce Action Ambulance as Holyoke’s new EMS provider. Action has a forward-thinking approach to providing emergency medical services and has made a commitment to modernizing the city’s dispatching capabilities.” said Mayor Alex Morse. “I’d like to thank the members of the advisory committee for their commitment and due-diligence during the selection process.”


Though not required under state procurement laws, the city opted to follow a public RFP process to provide transparency. This consisted of a public opening of the bids and interview process.


The selection committee was made up of Fire Chief John Pond, Police Chief James Neiswanger, Purchasing Director Lori Belanger, Assistant City Solicitor Paul Payer, and Chief of Staff Rory Casey.


Action Ambulance will be replacing AMR as the city’s main EMS provider.


“I would like to thank AMR for their years of service to the city and look forward to a smooth transition as we move to a new provider.” stated Mayor Alex Morse.


Founded in 1977, Action has been a leader in the EMS field for close to 40 years. Based in Wilmington, Mass, Action is the EMS provider for over a dozen communities, including Pittsfield and Hadley.


“We look forward to providing the City of Holyoke with an Emergency Medical Service system that will be solely based within the city which will be focused on collaboration, support and quality patient outcomes.” said Michael Woronka, CEO of Action Ambulance Services, Inc.


One of the innovative approaches Action will take is how its vehicles will be deployed. Rather than being located in one central location, as is the current practice, Action will place its Ambulances and EMT’s throughout the city.


“I am excited about the opportunity to partner with Action Ambulance to provide an enhanced level of care to the residents of Holyoke. By strategically deploying our EMS resources, along with fully integrated dispatching, we will be able to see improved response times.” said Chief John Pond.


As part of the agreement, Action will install GPS tracking equipment, proprietary dispatching software and other modern technologies in the city’s PSAP located in the Police Department.


“Action’s ability to employ state of the art technology on day one, combined with enhanced data management, will allow efficient police, fire and EMS communications during critical times.” said Police Chief James Neiswanger.


Holyoke Medical Center will continue to provide medical direction to the EMS System, ensuring that EMT’s and Paramedics are fully trained and up-to-date on emergency procedures.


“It was important that our partnership with Holyoke Medical Center continue. They are a key asset not only to the city but to the region.” said Mayor Alex Morse.


“I thank AMR for the many years of dedicated service to our patients and community. Holyoke Medical Center supports the new direction the City of Holyoke is taking and we will work with all parties towards a smooth transition. We are looking forward to a close and productive relationship with Action Ambulance for the benefit of our patients.” said Spiros Hatiras, CEO of Holyoke Medical Center


In addition to providing traditional EMS services, Action plans to introduce a Mobile Integrated Healthcare system to the city.


“Action EMS and the City of Holyoke in coordination with Holyoke Medical Center will be on the forefront of developing what we believe will be a best in the nation Mobile Integrated Health platform to support the most vulnerable members of the community.” said Michael Woronka.


The National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians defines Mobile Integrated Healthcare as using patient-centered, mobile resources in the out-of-hospital environment. It may include, but is not limited to, services such as providing telephone advice to 9-1-1 callers instead of resource dispatch; providing community paramedicine care, chronic disease management, preventive care or post-discharge follow-up visits; or transport or referral to a broad spectrum of appropriate care, not limited to hospital emergency departments.


“The Holyoke Fire Department looks forward to working with Action to adopt this innovative approach to EMS delivery.” said Chief John Pond.


Action Ambulance will begin providing EMS service in the first quarter of 2017.

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