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Are you interested in growing more food in Holyoke? Are you curious about hydroponics? We are offering several paid apprenticeships positions for Holyoke residents in the “Freight Farms” downtown. Come learn more about this way of growing food, work in a cutting-edge operation, and get paid in the process! We are accepting applications on a rolling basis. Apply now to be considered for the program!

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Freight Farms

The two Freight Farms shipping containers located at 150 Race St. in downtown Holyoke grow leafy greens and herbs without the use of soil. Each of the container farms can hold 256 grow towers with a capacity of 10-12 plants each, and can grow as much produce in a year as an acre of farmland. The shipping containers were delivered in April for a joint urban agriculture project that includes HCC, the city of Holyoke, and the community nonprofit Nuestras Raices. The funds for the project, $208,000, were provided by the state through MassDevelopment as part of its Transformative Development Initiative, which is meant to accelerate economic growth in its Gateway Cities’ communities.


The Holyoke Community College Foundation, in partnership with Holyoke Redevelopment Authority, Nuestras Raíces, the City of Holyoke, and MassDevelopment, is offering two paid apprenticeship positions for Holyoke residents looking to learn about hydroponic food production. This program is taking place in two shipping container “Freight Farms” at 150 Race St. in downtown Holyoke. Water and mineral nutrients are being used in place of soil to grow leafy vegetables like lettuce, spinach, and cilantro. 

The apprentices will work under the supervision of a Farm Manager and collaborate with a team of interns from Holyoke Community College. Apprentices will be required to work 7.5 hours per week, over the course of 12 weeks. Total stipend for this apprenticeship will be $1,350. Please fill out the application form below to be considered for this opportunity. 

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Solicitud de Trabajo como Aprendiz en Fincas de Contenedores (en Español)

Apprentices must be able to work 7.5 hours per week, split up over two weekdays between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. (e.g. you might do 3 hours on Tuesday afternoon, and 4.5 hours on Thursday afternoon). We will try our best to design a regular schedule that works for you as well as our team.

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