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We are very proud to make this belated rundown regarding a “Dog Wellness Clinic” in the city of Holyoke.

This was the first wellness clinic of its kind in the city offered at NO FEE. The clinic was held at City Hall on September 19, 2015.

The City of Holyoke, partnered with the folks of Thomas J O’Connor animal control and other organizations to help bring Holyoke a wellness clinic for residents’ dogs. The clinic offered many different things, such as rabies vaccines, distemper vaccines, orally administered de-wormer, microchips, grooming and full vet exam to every resident dog brought to this event, along with other free goodies such as treats, collars, toys and tags.

Approximately 53% of the dogs examined at this FREE event had not ever been to a veterinarian in their lives. Some dogs were as young as 2 months old other dogs upwards of 8-9yrs old were seeing a veterinarian for the first time. Lisa Soldato of T.J.O in collaboration with Nilka Ortiz, and Erick Velez, Animal Control/Animal Inspector helped coordinate the event. Erick Velez and Thomas J O’Connor Animal Control Officers also helped spread the word of this event to many of our local residents, so all in need were given the opportunity for free care.

The clinic was able to help over 100 dogs in approximately 9hrs on that Saturday. We would like to thank the many volunteers who assisted with setting up and helping the residents and their dogs. 

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