City of Holyoke Email Addresses Have Changed! Text Size

To make it more convenient for Holyoke residents to contact City Hall employees, all email addresses have changed from the location to a more intuitive and user-friendly location. This change will increase continuity between the city website and government contact information and make Holyoke email addresses easier to remember and less burdensome to write.

The change took place on Thursday, July 25th. However, to ensure that all residents can get used to the change, both addresses can be used for the next six months. This “catchall” system will ensure that all correspondence going to the old address will be routed to the new location and emails will not be lost in the transition. 

Mayor Morse thanks you for your help in making this transition as smooth as possible and hopes that the new, more convenient addresses will increase the accessibility of municipal government.

Posted on July 25, 2013 by