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 Community Shared Solar (CSS) is a unique model established by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) that allows multiple customers to share in the benefits of a solar project without having to install solar panels on their property.  Traditional residential solar systems require a large upfront investment, an ideal sunny location, and homeownership.  Through this CSS initiative, HG&E partnered with a solar developer to offer benefits from the solar systems to residential customers.
HG&E negotiated a competitive rate for the energy produced by the CSS facility so that no premium or up-front cost is required for a customer to participate. CSS projects are eligible to receive a higher Renewable Energy Credit (REC) value than non-CSS projects. In addition, the CSS project will help HG&E stabilize all customer rates in the long term.
The major benefits to customers that opt-in to the program are the following:
  • Clean, renewable energy for your home.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Community solar is an easy, FREE way to participate in a solar project.
  • You will help HG&E reach renewable energy goals.
  • Helps to keep rates stable.
  • Without customer participation, community solar projects cannot move forward.
In order to meet the state requirements of a CSS project, customers must opt-in and sign up for Community Solar. If you sign up your rate will be the same as customers who do not sign up.
Currently, the Mt. Tom Solar Facility is the only project that is part of the HG&E CSS program. This project is located at the site of the old Mt. Tom Coal Plant, owned by ENGIE-NA, and has a capacity of 5.76 MW. HG&E has a 20-year power purchase agreement with ENGIE for all of the energy produced by that facility.The solar installation is one of the largest in the state, and includes more than 17,000 solar panels on about 22-acres. 
Please take a moment to sign up for community solar today,!
About HG&E Solar
HG&E’s goal is to expand solar and other carbon free content while maintaining some of the lowest electric rates in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. To date, twelve utility scale solar projects have been developed and commissioned in Holyoke, totaling over 16 MW of installed capacity.
Project Name
Capacity in MW-dc
Holyoke Solar,   LLC (Constellation Energy Group)
Holyoke Solar,   LLC (Constellation Energy Group)
Citizens Energy
HPP MA II, LLC   (Healthy Planet Partners)
RS Holyoke 1,   LLC (C2 Special Solutions Group)
RS Holyoke 3,   LLC (C2 Special Solutions Group)
Mt. Tom Solar
Mt. Tom Solar,   LLC (ENGIE North America)
Jackson Canal,   LLC (AEGIS Energy)
Gary Rome
Growing Holyoke,   LLC (Gary Rome Hyundai)
Scannell Solar, LLC   (Conklin Furniture)
Riverside A-B
Green Earth Energy Photovoltaics
Walnut Street Garage
Green Earth Energy Photovoltaics
Total output from these facilities can serve approximately 2,500 residential customers, about 22% of the homes in the city.
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