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The City of Holyoke held the 2018 Inaugural Ceremony on January 2, 2018, at the City Hall Auditorium.  Mayor Alex B. Morse was sworn in for his fourth term along with other elected officials including City Clerk, Treasurer, City Council, and School Committee members.
The day began with an Ecumenical Service at the United Congregational Church of Holyoke, followed by the ceremony held in the City Hall Auditorium.
The ceremony started with a procession of the Holyoke Caledonian Pipe Band and the Auxiliary Police Color Guard. The event’s Master of Ceremonies, Kathleen Anderson, welcomed the singing of the National Anthem performed by Leanese Ramos. Veteran Services Director, Jesus Pereira, recited the Pledge of Allegiance followed by the Invocation given by Pastor Eliel Gonzalez. The administering of oaths to the City Clerk, Mayor Alex B. Morse, City Council, and the School Committee came next. Mayor Alex B. Morse then gave the Inaugural Address. The ceremony ended with the Holyoke High School Madrigal Choir singing ‘God Bless America’. 
The following is a list of the 2018 City of Holyoke Elected Officials:
Mayor: Alex B. Morse
City Clerk: Brenna Murphy McGee
City Treasurer: Sandra Smith
City Councilors-At-Large:
 Daniel B. Bresnahan
 James M. Leahy
 Rebecca Lisi
 Joseph M. McGiverin
 Michael J. Sullivan
 Peter R. Tallman
Ward City Councilors:
 Gladys Lebron-Martinez, Ward 1
 Nelson R. Roman, Ward 2
 David K. Bartley, Ward 3
 Jossie M. Valentin, Ward 4
 Linda L. Vacon, Ward 5
 Juan C. Anderson-Burgos, Ward 6
 Todd A. McGee, Ward 7
School Committee:
 Mildred I. Lefebvre, Ward 1
 Rosalee T. Williams, Ward 2
 Dennis Birks, Ward 3
 Irene Feliciano-Sims, Ward 4
 John P. Brunelle, Ward 5
 William R. Collamore, Ward 6
 Nyles Courchesne, Ward 7
Erin B. Brunelle, At-Large
Devin M. Sheehan, At-Large
Photo credit; Dave Roback/Republican

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