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Whiting Reservoir Study Committee Meeting July 6, 2021

Jul 6 2021

5:00 pm Remote by Zoom


Holyoke Massachusetts

Notice of Committee Meeting

There will be a regular meeting of

The Whiting Reservoir Study Committee

Meeting to take place remotely on Zoom Meetings on Tuesday 7/6/21 5:00 PM

*** Meeting can be accessed via

Meeting ID: 213 224 4596 Meeting Passcode: 771059 or by call in at 1 (646) 558-8656 with the same Meeting ID and Passcode. ***



Approval of minutes

Review and finalization of Power Point Presentation for Pubic Hearing

Discussion and formalization of rules for participation in Public Hearing

Plans for media notification of Public Hearing(s)

Discussion of where to hold Public Meetings: Zoom or Live

Other business


Whiting Street Reservoir Committee Meeting

July 6, 2021

5:00 pm Zoom Meeting



The Meeting was called to order by Sue Ellen Panitch at 5:08 pm


Committee Members in attendance were:

Marlene Connor          Harry Craven         Jeff Horan        Kip Foley

Kate Kruckemeyer       David Moore          Sue Ellen Panitch


Members of the Public Present:

Elbert Bowler


  1. Report from Kate on the FY21 report from Pioneer Valley Planning Commission. Corrin Meise-Munns of the PVPC submitted a report based on her initial 6 hours of Local Technical Assistance for our Committee. She focused on our first question, which was to provide a comprehensive statement of the legal restrictions on usage of the Reservoir. Her report, with recommendations for further research, is attached.


  1. Marlene led us through further discussion of the Power Point to be used at the public meeting. We made clarifications. Harry and others will find suitable illustrations.


  1. Plan for the public meeting. Sue Ellen has reached out to the Mayor to see if we could have help with minute-taking, and what City spaces are available to us for holding an in-person public meeting. Sue Ellen also reviewed the proposed Rules for the meeting.


  1. Outreach plan for public meeting(s). We discussed The Sun, The Springfield Republican, the Hampshire Gazette, El Sol Latino, NPR (Connecting Point?), City website, Holyoke Media. Relevant Facebook groups. Poster at entrances to the Reservoir (would need to be weatherproof—Kip said he could take this on; Dave will make sure this is OK with Dave Conte). Press release in Spanish and English that can go to other media sources (e.g. Spanish language radio) and community groups. We should set up a gmail account for feedback. Kip will take the lead on creating a draft of a press release and find out about translation. Everyone should send Sue Ellen a list of places we’d like the information to go, and we will discuss at the next meeting.


  1. Next meeting will be held Tuesday July 20 at 5pm.


  1. Meeting adjourned at 6:28.

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