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Soldiers Memorial Commission Meeting March 12, 2024

Mar 12 2024

6:00 pm Holyoke War Memorial Building

310 Appleton St, Holyoke 01040


Review Minutes

Old Business:

Add new board members:  Results of call with potential members Kevin Thomas, Phil Levy and Colleen Chessemore

War Memorial Sound System:  Review proposal from ATC Tony Calliento.  New another quote.

Room assignments and usage:

Review Wrestling event:

All Inclusive Support Services Proposal:

Status of Spanish War Memorial:

Review Queers Prom:

New Business:


February 14, 2024
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Pledge of Allegiance

Rick Purcell
Laddy Rua
Ken Harstine
Don Andrejczyk

Andrew McMahan not attending.  We will pursue his intentions.

No minutes as we did not have quorum.

We can add two new commisioners .  We will call Kevin Thomas, Phil Levy immediately and Colleen Chessemore if Andrew drops out.

Old Business

Waiting proposal from ATC Tony Calliento. Will add sound absorption, mid hall speakers,  new main speakers and board.  Also we asked about a new projection screen and projector.  Will request state and local funds once we have an estimate.  Do we need another quote.  Need to find another vendor for a second quote.  

Mail Box proposals.  Proposed new box entities:

War Memorial Commission
American Legion Post 25
Holyoke Auxiliary “traffic” Police
Veteran’s Services
Remaining slots vacant

4th Monday Post 25 Meeting at 6:30pm, Room 201.  To be added to web site.

 Can room 204 be a general meeting room.  Room to be available for any needed meetings.  

Keep Flag room as is.  Keep veterans office as is.  

Yankee division rooms would be a conference space.  

Have two viable dressing rooms.

Room 112 would be the custodians office.  

New post office boxes have been unanimously accepted.

Need to acquire keys to the mail boxes.  Will seek copies in the building and the post office.  

Do we need a project to make all locks the same.    Need a lock box for keys.  

Add numbers to rooms and keys for same.

Wrestling event is happening on Sunday 2-25-2024.  Opens door at 3pm.  Renting from 8am to 11:45pm.  $700.  Doors close at 8pm.  Secured one police officer, fireman, and EMT.  Rick will cover the event.

Elevator still work in progress 

New Business:

All Inclusive Support Services as part of the Hamden County Sheriff, looking at operating homeless and other services out of the War Memorial.  Board of Health, Public Safety, Mayor Garcia, Sheriff Ashe, A. S. Fernandez etc..  February 23rd at 1pm at the ISS going to present what they are currently doing.  

Status of roof leaks.  Shawn working on flooding from storm.  Looking at roof repairs.

Status of Spanish War Memorial.  Nothing at this time.

Lights with Brian.  Place a work order to replace bulbs in chandeliers.

Building use:  Wrestling,  

Queers Prom request Azarah Cardonas of House of Colors, Holyoke.  June 16th 1-10pm.  Need entire hall.  Need nine hours.  $200 for four hours.

Ibelice Gonzales for event.  

Alfredo April 27th 2024 for young Christians conference. 

Next meeting on March 12th at 6pm.

Ken Harstine

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310 Appleton Street
Holyoke, MA 01040
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