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Public Safety Committee 12-9-20

Dec 9 2020

6:30 pm Remote by Zoom


City Council
Holyoke Massachusetts

Notice of Committee Meeting
There will be a regular meeting of the committee on

Public Safety

Item 1: Vacon: 10/6/20: Ordered, that City Clerk/Registrar of Voters provides the current total of registered voters and describe the steps taken to ensure that it is current and has been updated for accuracy. This is a follow up to a previously filed order.

Item 2: Murphy/Bartley: 11/4/20: Ordered. that the health director, the building commissioner, representatives from the police and fire dep[artments meet with the public safety committee to consider a request by Williams Auto to create a locked in fence at the alley entrance on Hampshire Street between High and Maple, and also another locked fence at the northerly line of the property of 412 1/2 Maple Street. This is needed both to prevent illegal drug activity and excessive littering in the alleyway. Currently, trash has been dumped in the alley, and needles are consistently left there as well.

Item 3: Vacon/Bartley: 11/4/20: Ordered, that a traffic mirror be placed on a pole near 397 Mountain Road and Westfield/top of Hitchcock so the resident can see approaching traffic when exiting their driveway. The resident reports near misses due to limited line of sight and drivers traveling above the speed limit.

Item 4: Vacon/Bartley: 11/5/20: Ordered, that our City Engineer evaluate the area on Lower Westfield Road near the small bridge and make recommendations to improve safety for residents walking in that area.

Iten 5: Vacon: 11/17/20: Ordered, The Apremont/Rock Valley intersection remains problematic with near-misses reported. A stop sign where Apremont takes a right turn up the hill has been requested. It was found not to be proper, but the sign that is there on Apremont is confusing to drivers as to which road has the right of way if a driver is proceeding from Apremont on to Rock Valley Road. Another request is to make the intersection a T so traffic would need to stop from three directions.

Item 6: McGee: 11/17/20: Ordered, that the public safety committee invite Aumani Harris from Boston Medical. HEALing Communities Study Coalition, in order to have a discussion about Naloxboxes as a way of reducing fatal opioid overdoses.

Item 7: McGee: 11/18/20: Ordered, that the DPW give the public safety committee an update on the sidewalk repairs on Northampton Street around the Hampton Knolls Road area.

Chair: Terrence Murphy

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