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Ordinance Committee Meeting November 9, 2021

Nov 9 2021

6:30 pm City Hall Holyoke

536 Dwight St, Holyoke 01040

City Council
Holyoke Massachusetts

Pursuant to the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law, G.L. c. 30A, §§ 18-25,
and Section 20 of Chapter 20 of the Acts of 2021,
notice is hereby given of a meeting of the committee on

Tuesday, November 9, 2021
6:30 PM

Meeting to take place at
Holyoke City Hall, 536 Dwight St
and can be accessed remotely on Zoom Meetings
Per order of the Chair: Rebecca Lisi

Remote access via
Meeting ID: 871 8811 5929 Meeting Passcode: 407669 or by call in at 1 (646) 558-8656 with the same Meeting ID and Passcode.



Item 1: 4-6-21 MURPHY, LISI — Ordered that the city council consider adopting a wage theft ordinance for all contractors doing projects for the city or receiving special tax incentives by the city similar to Easthampton and Springfield with the following purposes: prevent misclassification of employees as independent contractors; assure that employers are paying all payroll taxes and workers compensation premiums; comply with state laws governing the payment of prevailing wages; assure that contractors provide opportunities for Holyoke residents, veterans, people of color and women.
*Tabled 5-25-21, 6-22-21, 9-28-21

Item 2: 9-7-21 MURPHY — Ordered that the city file a home rule petition with Representative Duffy and Senator Velis allowing the Holyoke Police Department the authority to confiscate and destroy illegal dirt-bikes and OHV’s similar to the petition filed for Springfield and currently pending in the state legislature.

Item 3: 9-7-21 MURPHY — Ordered that an ordinance be established prohibiting gas stations from selling gas to illegal dirt bikers/OHV’s.

Item 4: 9-7-21 MURPHY — Ordered that an ordinance establishing municipal fines for illegal operation of dirt bikes and OHV’s be established at the highest possible level allowed.

Item 5: 6-1-21 MCGEE, LEAHY — Order that the city of Holyoke look to adopt an ordinance similar to Springfield regarding recreation and off highway vehicles – see chapter 385- recreation & off-highway vehicles city of Springfield.
> <ORD-2019-11 Chapter 385-Recreation & Off-Highway Vehicles – City of Springfield, Massachusetts

Item 6: 10-19-21 MCGEE, MURPHY — Ordered, that the Ordinance Committee review and look to the change the residency requirement for the DPW Director.

Item 7: 10-19-21 MCGEE — That Chapter 66 “Secondhand Goods,” Article II “Junk and secondhand dealers,” Section 66-39 “exemptions from article” be amended to add “fabric” after “automobiles.”
The purpose of the current ordinance is to prevent the resale of goods such as electronics and other collectables that may be stolen. Secondhand fabric appears to not fit within the spirit of the ordinance and the requirements of the ordinance would present unnecessarily burdensome restrictions on business owners receiving and selling second hand fabric.

Item 8: 9-7-21 HERNANDEZ — Ordered that the ordinances be updated to reflect that Columbus Day will now be referred to as Indigenous Peoples Day.
*Tabled 9-14-21

Item 9: 10-5-21 BARTLEY — That a handicap sign be placed in front of 122 Brown Ave. for Norma Rivera.

Item 10: 10-19-21 MURPHY — That a handicap sign be removed from the front of 580 South Summer St. placard #P03205121 the person has moved.

Item 11: PUBLIC HEARING (continued from 7-27-21, 9-14-21, 10-12-21) 6-15-21 – Zone change proposal to create a Retail Center (RC) zone taking into account both present tenancies and desired future development of such properties with appropriate criteria to ensure proper cohesive uses and promote continued mixed commercial/retail in Holyoke.

Item 12: PUBLIC HEARING (continued from 7-27-21, 9-14-21, 10-12-21) 6-15-21 – Zone change proposal to have the City of Holyoke remove from its Code of Ordinances, Appendix A, Zoning Ordinance, Section 8.3 “Shopping Center Districts” and any other references to said zone and replace with Retail Center (RC).

Item 13: PUBLIC HEARING (continued from 7-27-21, 9-14-21, 10-12-21) 6-15-21 – Zone change proposals to rezone the following parcels to Retail Center (RC) in an effort to create a cohesive regional destination district of mixed commercial / retail which all property owners will share the same regulations: 12 Holyoke St (117-00-005), 229-241 Whiting Farms Rd (174-00-013), 227 Whiting Farms Rd (174-00-013A), Lower Westfield Rd (174-00-013B), 95 Lower Westfield Rd (174-00-016), 250 Whiting Farms Rd (174-00-017), 225 Whiting Farms Rd (174-00-018), 7 Holyoke St (174-00-020), 98 Lower Westfield Rd (174-00-021), 94 Lower Westfield Rd (174-00-022), 86 Lower Westfield Rd (174-00-024), Whitney Ave (176-00-010B), 50 Holyoke St (176-00-010C), 400 Whitney Ave (176-00-013), Whitney Ave (176-00-014), 489 Whitney Ave (176-00-014.1), 494 Whitney Ave (176-00-027), 496 Whitney Ave (176-00-028), Whitney Ave (176-00-029)


Administrative Assistant: Jeffery Anderson-Burgos

The listing of matters are those reasonably anticipated by the chair which may be discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law. Also one or two items may require the committee to enter into executive session at this meeting. Agenda subject to change up to two business days (48 hours) prior to posted meeting time.

Jeffery Anderson-Burgos
Administrative Assistant to the City Council

Holyoke City Hall
536 Dwight St, Room 10
Holyoke, MA 01040
Regular hours 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Meeting days 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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