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Ordinance Committee Meeting 11/24/20:

Nov 24 2020

6:30 pm Remote by Zoom


City Council
Holyoke Massachusetts

Notice of Committee Meeting
There will be a regular meeting of the committee on


Meeting to take place remotely on Zoom Meetings on Tuesday 11/24/20 at 6:30PM
Per order of the Chair: Rebecca Lisi

*** Meeting will take place remotely and can be accessed via Meeting ID: 827 4924 4374 Meeting Passcode: 851525 or by call in at 1 (929)205-6099 with same Meeting ID and Password.  ***


Item 1: 10/6/20:  Special Permit Application for Registered Marijuana Retail Establishment: Abby Property Management, Inc, 40 Lyman St

Item 2: PUBLIC HEARING Lisi:  10/6/20: Ordered, that the city adopt the MA recommended changes to the floodplain ordinances.

Item 3: Lisi: 4/21/15: Ordered, that Section 2-35 of the Code of Ordinances, entitled “Classification and Compensation Plans” be amended to incorporate a new Classification and Compensation Plan, Elected Official Salary Ordinance and Miscellaneous Salary Schedule based upon the results of the HRS Salary Study, and that the current DH, PR and Miscellaneous Salary Schedules, as well as any other amendments previously adopted under this section be repealed.

Item 4: Roman/Leahy: 2/20/18: Ordered, that the City of Holyoke take up and approve the salary study completed in 2014, and include in its salary revisions salaries of the Mayor, City Council and School Committee Members

Item 5: McGiverin: 8/7/18: Ordered, That Schedule B, Compensation for Elected Officials of Chapter 2 of the Code of Ordinances be amended as follows, effective January 1, 2019:

Item 6: McGee/McGiverin/Murphy/Tallman: 6/16/20: Ordered, that the hourly wage for reserve officers be raised from its current $14.95 an hour.  Send to finance in order to address appropriate wage.

Item 7: McGee: 12/18/18: Ordered, that the following changes be made to the classification and compensation plans of chapter 2 proposed ordinance changes (see attached highlighted changes.

Item 8: (Pending approval) Greaney: Ordered, that a handicap space be placed in front of 420B Dwight St (Canal Place).

Item 9: (Pending approval) Ordered, that a handicap sign be placed at 7 Vernon St.

Item 10: (Pending approval) Ordered, that a handicap sign be placed at 199 Beech St.

Item 11: (Pending approval) Ordered, that a handicap sign be placed at 77 Pine St.1

Item 12: (Pending approval) Ordered, that a handicap sign be placed at 116 Pearl St0.

Item 13: (Pending approval) Ordered, that a handicap sign be placed at 254 Walnut St.


Administrative Assistant: Jeffery Anderson-Burgos
The listing of matters are those reasonable anticipated by the chair which
may be discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may in fact be
discussed and other items may also be brought up for discussion to the
extent permitted by law. Also one or two items may require the committee
to enter into executive session at this meeting.



Ordinance Committee Meeting 11/24/20

at 6:30pm


City Hall
City Council Chambers
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