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Holyoke City Council Special Meeting May 12, 2021

May 12 2021

6:15 pm Remote by Zoom


Special Meeting of the Holyoke City Council

Wednesday, May 12 2021

6:15 PM

*** Meeting will take place remotely and can be accessed via

Meeting ID: 824 5768 6222 Meeting Passcode: 953246 or by call in at 1 (646) 558-8656 with same Meeting ID and Passcode.  ***






Item 1: Fiscal Year 2022 Budget.

Item 2: Communication from Acting Mayor Terry Murphy, letter regarding Fiscal Year 2022 Budget.

May 7, 2021
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May 12 ,2021


The meeting was called to order by President McGee at 06:17 PM.


President McGee, filling the roll of Clerk, called the roll.   Absent members: 3 (Anderson-Burgos, Leahy, Lisi) Present Members 10 (Bartley, Greaney, Hernandez, Lebron-Martinez, McGee, McGiverin, Murphy, Sullivan, Tallman, Vacon)


The name of Councilor Bartley was drawn to head the roll call voting.


President McGee noted that the budget was the one item on the agenda.

Fiscal Year 2022 Budget.


Motion was made and seconded to pass the first reading.

Acting Mayor Murphy stated that he met with all department heads to hear their issues and concerns, as well as to discuss the best ways to improve services. He then stated that he spoke with bond counsel, Cinder McNerney. He stated that his goal would to be present a budget that would provide stability as well as assure that the next mayor begins their term working from solid financial ground. He then stated that there was more he would have wanted to do, adding that his priority was to balance the fiscal year as well as eliminate the deficit in the sewer fund.

Councilor Greaney asked if hard copies of the budget would be made available.

President McGee confirmed that they would be.

Acting Mayor Murphy expressed an expectation that they would be available later that week.

President McGee stated that an email had been received that day which included the budget, the tax recap form, and the Mayor’s budget letter.

Acting Mayor Murphy clarified that his original letter stated there would be a deficit of $4 million when it should have read as $3 million. He also noted that the budget reflected an increase of 2.4% over the previous fiscal year.

Councilor McGiverin expressed an intent to help deliver the budgets.

Sullivan noted that page 3 of the budget reflected a decrease of $1.4 million in other departmental revenue. He asked for an explanation of the change.

Acting Mayor Murphy expressed his intent to follow up with an answer after having time to research the matter.

Councilor McGiverin expressed his understanding that funds coming from the American Recovery Plan Act would have to be appropriated. He then asked if any of those funds were being used for the budget.

Acting Mayor Murphy stated that he did not.

Councilor McGiverin asked if those funds would come in as a supplemental budget.

Acting Mayor Murphy noted that the original projection had the city received $32 million, adding that new information showed that the city would receive $29.8 million. He also stated that there was a provision for lost revenue that could become a part of the budget.

Councilor Greaney asked if tax relief for property owners would be a part of the funds.

Acting Mayor Murphy stated it would not be, adding that there was a list of many uses that would not be allowed such as retirement accounts and paying down debt. He noted that many unanswered questions remained. He also noted that the $29.8 million would be split between two consecutive years. He also stated that there a formula would be provided to calculate lost revenue.

Motion to pass the first reading passed.

—>      Received and laid on the table on a call of the roll of the yeas and nays. Yeas  9–Nays  0–Absent  (Anderson-Burgos, Bartley, Leahy, Lisi)


Acting Mayor Murphy commended the Auditor, Treasurer, Assessor, and former Auditor Brian Smith for their help with the budget process.


Adjourn at 6:31 PM

Jeffery Anderson-Burgos
Administrative Assistant to the City Council

Holyoke City Hall
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Holyoke, MA 01040
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