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Holyoke City Council Meeting May 7, 2024

May 7 2024

7:00 pm City Hall Holyoke

536 Dwight St, Holyoke 01040

Meeting will take place at Holyoke City Hall, 536 Dwight St
and can also be accessed remotely via
Meeting ID: 859 1496 0000 Meeting Passcode: 657908 or by call in at 1 (646) 558-8656 with same Meeting ID and Passcode.

Live Spanish interpretation will be available on local access channel 15 using the television’s SAP option, through the live stream on the city website, as well as on the Zoom feed by clicking the interpretation option and choosing Spanish.

MAY 7, 2024
7:00 PM



A. From Law Department, communication regarding required procedure to amends CPA surcharge
*Added May 6, 2024, 11 A.M.

B. Devine — Ordered, that a proclamation be given to Police Chief David Pratt for his over 31 years of dedicated service to the city of Holyoke.
*Added May 7, 2024, 2:43 PM

C. From Chief David Pratt, Holyoke Police Department, communication in support of installing a temporary “no parking” sign on South St near Elmwood Towers.
*Added May 7, 2024, 8:36 PM



A. DEVINE – Ordered, that there be and is hereby appropriated by transfer in the fiscal year 2024, TWENTY THOUSAND AND 00/100 Dollars ($20,000) as follows:
14251-51106    PROP MAINTENANCE & DEMO WORKER        $5,000
14301-51103    REFUSE LABORER        10,000
16501-51106    PARKS HMEO        5,000
TOTAL:    $20,000
14262-52410    R&M VEHICLES         $20,000
TOTAL:    $20,000

B. DEVINE – Ordered, that a proclamation be presented to Don Welch for his ​21 years of dedicated service and advocacy as a member of the Commission on Disabilities.

C. BARTLEY – DPW consider resurfacing the roadbed on Woodland St. Multiple constituents (and their letter carrier) requesting. Receive and Refer to DPW, Public Safety, Mayor.

D. BARTLEY – DPW // City Engineer please consider providing suggestions on entering WESTFIELD RD from both WOODLAND ST and HITCHCOCK ST. Mirrors have previously been suggested and dismissed so please provide an alternative solution. These are constituent requests. Receive and Refer to City Engineer, DPW and Public Safety.

Jeffery Anderson-Burgos
Administrative Assistant to the City Council

Holyoke City Hall
536 Dwight St, Room 10
Holyoke, MA 01040
Regular hours 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Meeting days 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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