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Finance Committee Meeting April 26, 2023

Apr 26 2023

6:30 pm City Hall Holyoke

536 Dwight St, Holyoke 01040

City Council
Holyoke Massachusetts
Pursuant to the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law, G.L. c. 30A, §§ 18-25,
and Chapter 2 of the Acts of 2023,
notice is hereby given of a meeting of the committee on

Wednesday, April 26, 2023
6:30 PM

Meeting to take place at
Holyoke City Hall, 536 Dwight St
and can be accessed remotely on Zoom Meetings
Per order of the Chair: Joseph McGiverin
Remote access via
Meeting ID: 878 9224 0689 Meeting Passcode: 807154 or by call in at 1 (646) 558-8656 with
the same Meeting ID and Passcode.


Item 1: 4-18-23 MCGIVERIN — that there be and is hereby appropriated by transfer in the fiscal year 2023, THIRTY THOUSAND AND 00/100 Dollars ($30,000) as follows:
TOTAL: $30,000
14252-54221 SUPPLIES- TRAFFIC LINES $30,000
TOTAL: $30,000

Item 2: 4-18-23 MCGIVERIN — that there be and is hereby appropriated by transfer in the fiscal year 2023, ONE THOUSAND AND 00/100 Dollars ($1,000) as follows:
15102-54200 SUPPLIES $1,000
TOTAL: $1,000
15101-51300 OVERTIME $1,000
TOTAL: $1,000

Item 3: 4-18-23 MCGIVERIN — Ordered, that there be and is hereby appropriated by transfer in the fiscal year 2023, EIGHTY TWO THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED AND 00/100 Dollars ($82,800) as follows:
12101-51510 SICK BUYBACK $35,000
12101-51500 VACATION BUYBACK 12,800
12101-51505 TIME OWED 35,000
TOTAL: $82,800
12102-54220 SUPPLIES-OTHER $1,000
12102-52100 ENERGY 35,000
12102-57301 LEGAL DEFENSE 3,000
12102-53210 MEDICAL 8,800
12102-57100 IN STATE TRAVEL 2,000
12102-52410 R&M MOTOR VEHICLE 16,000
12102-54830 MOTOR VEHICLE SUPPLIES 17,000
TOTAL: $82,800

Item 4: 4-18-23 From Joshua Garcia, Mayor, School Building Committee Chair, Anthony Soto, Superintendent and SBC Member Erin Brunelle, School Committee member and SBC Vice Chair letter re: Request to Approve financing for the Middle School Building project.

Item 5: 4-18-23 MCGIVERIN — that the City appropriate the amount of eight-five million, five hundred four thousand, five hundred ninety-two ($85,504,592) Dollars for the purpose of paying costs for the construction of the new Peck Middle School, 1916 Northampton Street, Holyoke, including the payment of all costs incidental or related thereto (the “Project”), which school facility shall have an anticipated useful life as an educational facility for the instruction of school children for at least 50 years, and for which the City may be eligible for a grant from the Massachusetts School Building Authority (“MSBA”), said amount to be expended under the direction of the School Building Committee. To meet this appropriation the Treasurer with the approval of the Mayor, is authorized to borrow said amount under M.G.L. Chapter 44, or pursuant to any other enabling authority. The City acknowledges that the MSBA’s grant program is a non-entitlement, discretionary program based on need, as determined by the MSBA, and any project costs the City incurs in excess of any grant approved by and received from the MSBA shall be the sole responsibility of the City; provided further that any grant that City may receive from the MSBA for the Project shall not exceed the lesser of (1) eighty percent (80%) of eligible, approved project costs, as determined by the MSBA, or (2) the total maximum grant amount determined by the MSBA; provided that any appropriation hereunder shall be subject to and contingent upon the City being awarded a grant from the MSBA for the Project; and that the amount of borrowing authorized pursuant to this vote shall be reduced by any grant amount set forth in the Project Funding Agreement that may be executed between the City and the MSBA.


Administrative Assistant: Jeffery Anderson-Burgos
The listing of matters are those reasonably anticipated by the chair which may be discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law. Also one or two items may require the committee to enter into executive session at this meeting. Agenda subject to change up to two business days (48 hours) prior to posted meeting time.

Jeffery Anderson-Burgos
Administrative Assistant to the City Council

Holyoke City Hall
536 Dwight St, Room 10
Holyoke, MA 01040
Regular hours 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Meeting days 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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