History of Holyoke Mayors

Since Holyoke’s establishment as a City in 1873, the following individuals have served as its mayor:


# Mayor Picture Term
1st William B. C. Pearsons WillamBCPearsons.png 1874-1876
2nd Roswell P. Crafts RPCraft.png 1877
3rd William Whiting II William Whiting II (politician) picture2.png 1878-1879
4th William Ruddy   1880
5th Franklin P. Goodall FPGoodall.png 1881
6th Roswell P. Crafts RPCraft.png 1882-1883
7th James E. Delaney   1884-1885
8th James J. O’Connor JamesJO'Connor Holyoke.png 1886-1887
9th James E. Delaney   1888
10th Jeremiah F. Sullivan JeremiahFSullivan Holyoke.png 1889-1890
11th Michael J. Griffin MichaelJGriffin Holyoke.png 1891
12th Jeremiah F. Sullivan JeremiahFSullivan Holyoke.png 1892
13th Dennie L. Farr DennieLFarr Holyoke.png 1893
14th Marciene H. Whitcomb   1894
15th Henry A. Chase HenryAChase Holyoke.png 1895
16th James J. Curran JamesJCurran Holyoke.png 1896
17th George H. Smith GeorgeHSmith Holyoke.png 1897
18th Michael Connors   1898
19th Arthur B. Chapin Arthur Chapin.png 1899–1904
20th Nathan P. Avery NathanPrenticeAvery.png 1904–1910
21st John J. White JohnJWhite.png 1911–1913
22nd John H. Woods   1914–1915
23rd John J. White JohnJWhite.png 1916–1917
24th John D. Ryan   1918–1919
25th John F. Cronin JohnFCronin.png 1920–1925
26th Gregory J. Scanlon   1926
27th John F. Cronin JohnFCronin.png 1927
28th Fred G. Burnham   1928–1929
29th William T. Dillon   1930–1931
30th Fred G. Burnham   1932
Acting William M. Hart   1932
31st Henry J. Toepfert HenryToepfert.png 1932–1935
32nd William P. Yoerg   1936–1939
33rd Henry J. Toepfert HenryToepfert.png 1940–1953
Acting James T. Doherty JamesTDoherty.png 1953
34th Edwin A. Seibel EdwardSeibel Holyoke.png 1953–1957
35th Samuel Resnic SamuelResnic Holyoke.png 1957–1963
36th Daniel F. Dibble DanielFDibble.png 1964–1967
37th William Taupier WilliamTaupier CityMgrPortrait.jpg 1968–1975
Acting Thomas Monahan   1975
38th Ernest E. Proulx ErnestProulx Holyoke.png 1976–1986
39th Martin J. Dunn MartinJohnDunn 1991.png 1987–1991
Acting Joseph M. McGiverin   1991
40th William Hamilton   1991–1995
41st Daniel Szostkiewicz   1995–1999
42nd Michael J. Sullivan   2000–2009
43rd Elaine A. Pluta   2010–2011
44th Alex B. Morse Alex B. Morse cropped.png 2012–present

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