Commission of Disabilities

Members of the Commission of Disabilities are Mayoral appointed with City Council confirmation. They have the following responsibilities: 

· Research local problems affecting people with disabilities; 

· Advise and assist municipal officials and employees in ensuring compliance with state and federal laws and regulations that affect people with disabilities; 

· Coordinate and/or implement programs designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities in compliance with programs of the Massachusetts Office on Disability; 

· Review and make recommendations about policies, procedures, services, activities and facilities of departments, boards, and agencies of Holyoke as they affect people with disabilities; 

· Provide information, referrals, guidance and technical assistance to individuals, public agencies, businesses and organizations in all matters pertaining to disability; and 

· Coordinate activities of other local groups organized for similar purposes. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for residents to serve our community. If you are interested in applying to sit on this Commission, please submit a letter of interest and a resume to the Mayor’s Office or by e-mail at: 


Current Members:


Mary Morris – term expires Mar. 16, 2016

Barbara Heisler – term expires Mar. 3, 2014

Elizabeth Larivee – term expires Mar. 3, 2014

Al Lehmann – term expires Mar. 3, 2014

Donald Welch – term expires Mar. 3, 2014


Massachusetts General Law Chapter 40 Section 8J

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