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Event takes place on June 20, 2019 at 6:30 PM
Holyoke City Hall: Council Chambers

City Council
Holyoke Massachusetts

Notice of Committee Meeting
There will be a regular meeting of the committee on

 Public Safety



At City Hall in the Council Chamber, on Thursday June 20th, 2019, at 6:30 PM
Per order of the Chair: Dan Bresnahan




Item 1: Murphy 5/21/19: rder:  Ordered that the mayor, the law department, police chief, building commissioner, board of health director and any other parties that might help in a discussion for the city to take action against the owner of the following properties: 173 Elm St/365 Appleton St and 556 S Bridge Street.  The properties appear to be owned by the same landlord and rate the highest number of police calls for residential properties in the city.  


Item 2: Bresnahan 11/7/18: Order:  that the Law department give a legal opinion as to whether or not panhandlers can be prevented from standing on the islands in the middle of traffic due to Safety issues.  This is a matter of safety nothing more


Item 3: Bartley 4/16/19: Order:  The DPW Superintendent provide City Council an update on efforts to improve public parking.  Please provide updates on the contract with the third-party vendor. Please provide update on year over year revenue collection and please update the council with any updates, if any, relative to new practices for the administration and collection of revenue.


Item 4: Anderson-Burgos 8/7/18: Order:  A study be done at the intersection of West Franklin St & Linden St to see what can be done to improve safety. It’s a dangerous intersection where multiple accidents have occurred on many occasions


Item 5: Lisi 8/7/18: Order:  that the City Engineer investigate the traffic patterns around Northampton and South St in order to determine if any changes need to be made. Residents have been complaining about the traffic building up in the left turn lane onto South St. from Northampton St. southbound, in particular.


Item 6: Murphy 3/19/19: Ordered that the mayor provide the funding needed for the upgrade of the electrical systems at Wistariahurst.  The current system prevents the Museum from doing some business, but also poses a threat to personnel safety, and increases the threat of loss by fire. 


Item 7: Anderson-Burgos 3/19/19: Order:  Request a pedestrian safety study be done at the intersection of Northampton Street and Dwight Street. Pedestrians have expressed concerns that vehicles making a right on red from Northampton Street onto Dwight Street are failing to be cautious of pedestrians crossing Northampton Street, resulting in near hits.


Item 8: Lisi 5/7/19: Order:  That the DPW work with the city Council to develop a process for residents to request tree pits on city sidewalks near their home.. There may also be a fee associated with this process.


Item 9: Bartley 3/20/19: Order:  The chain link fence at Lt. William J. Sheard Playground be removed unless there’s some rationale reason for keeping it in place.  If it cannot be removed, then please explain why and at least replace it with something more attractive and that doesn’t become a magnet for plastic bags and litter.


Item 10: McGiverin 11/17/15: Order:  that the Conservation Commission, DPW, and City Engineer, come before the City Council to discuss the potential new access road for University apartments and the wet land surrounding that potential new road.


Item 11: Murphy 5/7/19: Order:  Ordered that the public safety committee meet with the city engineer, the superintendent of the DPW, and representatives from Hazen Paper and Sonoco Products to resolve the issue of unsafe roads on South Water Street both to and from those respective businesses. 


Item 12: Murphy 5/7/19: Ordered that the public safety committee meet with the superintendent of the DPW to review the city’s capacity regarding the problem of potholes.  What would the city need to do to accelerate the pace of filling these sometimes dangerous situations?


Item 13: Murphy 5/21/19: Ordered that the DPW and the city engineer consider ways to improve the safety at pedestrian crosswalks at Beech and Hampshire and Pine and Sargeant Streets.  Is it possible to highlight the crosswalks as have been done on Lower Westfield Road for the bicycle lanes?  Could a barrel with flashing light be placed on the center line?


Item 14: Murphy 5/21/19: Ordered that the committee reviewing the status of dangerous buildings provide the city council a report of all  buildings now marked with a red X, including ownership and if there are plans for those buildings in the near future. Also, if possible, an estimate of what it would cost to demolish each of these buildings. 





Administrative Assistant: Ryan M. Allen
The listing of matters are those reasonable anticipated by the chair which may be discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law. One or two items may require the committee to enter into executive session at this meeting.





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