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Event takes place on July 21, 2014 at 5:30 PM
Holyoke City Hall: Council Chambers

City Council

Holyoke Massachusetts


Notice of Committee Meeting

There will be a regular meeting of the Committee on

Public Safety


At City Hall in the Council Chamber, on Monday July 21, at 5:30PM

Per order of Chair Linda Vacon




1. Acceptance of previous meeting minutes


2. 3/18/14 Soto: Order: Fire Chief provide copies of all members of the department 2013 vacation schedule, sick time, time off cards, also 2014 vacation schedule book


3. 3/18/14 Soto: Order: Fire Chief provide copies of the heating bills for all the fire stations for the months of November, December 2013 and January, February 2014.


4. 3/18/14 Soto: Order: Chief of the Fire department appear before the Council in order to provide an update on the volume of calls related to medical emergencies. Additionally, please provide details of the nature of each call and the response time for each call. Lastly , starting January 1,2013. to present, please provide all documents related to this order to the Council no less than one week before this order will be heard, so that the Council may prepare for the meeting.


5. 10/1/13 Soto: Order: Fire department representative come before the city council, to discuss the possibility of the city providing ambulance service through the Fire department


6. 9/3/13 Soto: Order: the City of Holyoke transfer all responsibility regarding maintaining all City Traffic lights to the Holyoke Gas electric. The Holyoke Gas and electric can maintain them in lieu of city taxes.


7. 11/19/13 Soto: Order: the city of Holyoke have the DPW be the sole one responsible for all police towing. This will help generate revenue, and also maintain the integrity of the professionalism where as the city can have oversight in all motor vehicle that are towed in the city.


8. 2/7/12 Vega: Order: that Bill Fuqua come to council to discuss a program that would allow Holyoke residents who rent apartments in the city have the ability to utilize the city dump either by paying a fee or setting up “open days” at the city yard.


9. 2/19/13 Ferreira: Order: The City Engineer examine Dwight St from Pleasant St to Linden Stand deterine if it should mbecome one lane. Currently the street has two lanes but it is very narrow and there have been many instances of the vehicles parked on the street being hit.


10. 3/19/13 McGee T: Order: That the DPW look into a parking space on Faille Ave.


11. Valentin Order: the traffic light pattern at the corner of Dwight and Linden St. be reassessed to determine if it should be a regular traffic light again (as it was several years ago) instead of a flashing light. This would discourage drivers from speeding on Linden St. since they would have to stop at the traffic light instead of going through a flashing yellow traffic light.


12. 4/1/14 Valentin Order: “DPW repairs the crosswalk signal buttons at the corner of Beech and Suffolk and at the corner of Beech and Dwight, in an effort to make streets safer for pedestrians”


13: 3/4/14 Vacon: Order: appropriate representatives/contractors of the library come before the City Council to provide updates on warrantees and resolution of the roof leaks at the new library.


14: 3/18/14 McGee T: Order: That the Holyoke Housing Authority and legal department determine if any space near the Wyatt Harper Park can be used towards expanding the Holyoke Housing Authority Parking area. (Note: this order is not asking to use the Wyatt Harper Park area for parking)


15. 1/21/14 Bresnahan: Order: the Historical Commission come before the Council to discuss the status of “the Bud”


16. 5/21/13 Soto: Order that the City of Holyoke explore the possibility of creating a regional E911 dispatch call center with surrounding communities. Once implemented this would save taxpayers millions of dollars a year.


17. 4/15/14 Vacon: Order: That our Engineer evaluate the left arrow (to go north on Whiting Farms Rd) to increase safety for the drivers traveling west on Lower Westfield Rd. Is it possible to have the left arrow after the green light turns to red for those traveling west like the light on Northampton & Westfield Road near the Blessed Sacrament Church?


18: 5/20/14 Bartley: HPD monitor compliance with speed limits on Hillside Ave. between Cherry St. and Woods Ave. Report back to City Council with any findings and recommendations.


 Administrative Assistant: Ryan M. Allen

The listing of matters are those reasonable anticipated by the chair which may be discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law.

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