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Event takes place on June 15, 2017 at 6:00 PM
Holyoke City Hall: Council Chambers

City Council
Holyoke Massachusetts

Notice of Committee Meeting
There will be a regular meeting of the Committee on
Public Safety

At City Hall in the Council Chamber, on Thursday June 15th at 6:00PM
Per order of the Chair: Dan Bresnahan

Item 1: Approval of previous meeting minutes

Item 2: Leahy 5/2/17: Order:  the City Council invite in District Attorney Anthony Gulluni to discuss panhandling in the City of Holyoke. I believe that this isn’t a homeless issue but more of a Human trafficking issue similar to sex trafficking.

Item 3: Bresnahan 4/4/17: Order:  That before any cuts in Fire Department Staff or Apparatus, the Fire Commissioners and Chief come before the Public Safety Committee to discuss any and all plans to address any and all Brown/Black outs within the Holyoke Fire Department.

Item 4: Jourdain 4/4/17: Ordered, that the Mayor appoint a resident of Ward 1 or Ward 2 to the Fire Commission as soon as possible.  Besides the fire truck for downtown being browned out, it appears the Commission seats have been browned out too for the residents of the lower wards.  The Mayor recently appointed a resident of Ward 7 to the vacant seat formerly held by Ms. Devine.  The Mayor should reconsider that appointment and appoint a resident who can be a voice for the residents in Ward 1 and 2.  Right now only Wards 5, 6 and 7 have residents represented on the Commission.

Item 5: Bresnahan 5/16/17: Order:  that the Law Dept. review who has the authority to take a fire apparatus off line. This order is due to the Fire Commissioners intentions to take an Engine off line permanently under the reorganization plan the Fire Commissioners are attempting to implement have That last black out in the City required City Council Approval approximately 1976.

Item 6: Bresnahan 5/16/17: Order:  that the Mayor provide funds to allow for an independent company to audit the Holyoke Fire Dept, this should include an audit of the entire Department, their staffing size, and do determine the size and amount of apparatus is appropriate to maintain the safety of all of Holyoke’s citizens

Item 7: Bresnahan 6/6/17: Order that Fire Chief pond request the ISO to provide in writing whether or not the closing of an Engine 2 will impact our ISO rating

 Item 8: Bresnahan 5/16/17: Order:    Due to the potential black out of a Holyoke Fire Dept. Engine, order that ISO Mitigation conduct a new survey to determine if this black out will negatively impact the City of Holyoke insurance ratings

 Item 9: Lisi 3/15/16: Order:  That the City Council invite in the DPW Superintendent, Treasurer, and Tax Collector to discuss the progress made on collecting default sewer fees and give a report on the success of the new lien program in that process.

 Item 10 : Bartley 2/7/17: Order:  The DPW repair the sidewalks at 31 Washington Ave. and 74 Lawler St.  Both are trip hazards.

Item 11: McGee 3/7/17: Order that DPW provide a report on the safety of the skylights for the DPW drop off center.

 Item 12: Bartley 9/6/16: Order:  The DPW look into ways to improve Ogden St. and report back to the City Council. This is an unpaved roadway and the residents in that area would like to see the road paved as soon as possible

 Item 13: Vacon 9/6/16: Ordered that the City consider accepting Wall Rd. as a City Street and determine who currently owns the road.

 Item 14: Jourdain 2/16/16: Order:  the City Council consider the acceptance of all private ways in the City of Holyoke as public ways

Item 15: Leahy 9/21/16: Order:  the DPW provides the City Council with the amount it costs, on average, per year (for the last four years) on signage requested by the Council. This was a constituent request.

 Item 16: Bartley 8/2/16: Order:  The DPW immediately advise the City Council on where the temporary speed bumps are located and develop a schedule of when/where they will be used.  Further, the Mayor please consider purchasing additional sets of temporary speed humps. 

 Item 17: Bresnahan 5/3/16: Order:  the American Flag located on the corner of Hampden and Linden Street, parcel ID 075-01-002, and all city flags, be illuminated by light at night as required by the United States Flag Code.

 Item 18: Bresnahan 3/7/17: Order:  that the Mayors office provide the city council a copy of the contract between the new ambulance service currently operating out of South Street, the city of Holyoke and any other parties involved on this contract

 Item 19: Greaney 10/6/15: Order:  That the City Council through the Public Safety Committee look into the property at 135 Lincoln Street to make sure it is up to code, handicap accessible, handicap restrooms, fire, smoke and carbon monxide detectors and parking and traffic problems that might arise because it is a shared driveway.

 Item 20: McGee 8/2/16: Order that the planning department provide the public safety committee an updated report with regard to 160 water street.  Information/report should be provided within 2 weeks.

 Item 21: Leahy 5/5/15: Order:  Ordered that the Superintendent of Public Schools, Commissioner Chester and the Chief of the Police department come before the Public Safety subcommittee. The topic that will be addressed is truancy in our public schools. The cities public schools were put into receivership because of test scores. Its unfair to blame is on the teachers. The truancy rate is unacceptable. Please be ready to discuss this and what are the next steps to decrease this statistic.


Administrative Assistant: Ryan M. Allen
The listing of matters are those reasonable anticipated by the chair which may be discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law

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