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Event takes place on October 26, 2017 at 6:30 PM
Holyoke City Hall: Council Chambers

City Council
Holyoke Massachusetts

Notice of Committee Meeting
There will be a regular meeting of the Committee on
Public Safety

At City Hall in the Council Chamber, on Thursday Oct. 26 at 6:30PM
Per order of the Chair: Dan Bresnahan

Item 1: Jourdain 4/4/17: Order:  Ordered, that the Mayor appoint a resident of Ward 1 or Ward 2 to the Fire Commission as soon as possible.  Besides the fire truck for downtown being browned out, it appears the Commission seats have been browned out too for the residents of the lower wards.  The Mayor recently appointed a resident of Ward 7 to the vacant seat formerly held by Ms. Devine.  The Mayor should reconsider that appointment and appoint a resident who can be a voice for the residents in Ward 1 and 2.  Right now only Wards 5, 6 and 7 have residents represented on the Commission.


Item 2: Lopez 9/5/17: Order:  That the Holyoke public safety. fire, police, record all interactions that require Spanish translation. When using a translator to complete a report. Name of translator and relationship to person whom needed translator. 


Item 3: Sullivan 8/1/17: Order  That the Holyoke Police Department use their authority under M.G.L. Part 1, Title XVII, Ch. 123, Section 35 to protect any person who has lost the power of self control and is dangerously injuring their own health.  This law allows for the commitment of an individual to a public or private facility by the court for care and treatment after a hearing.


Item 4: Roman 8/1/17: Order:  that the Chief of Police / Holyoke Police Department provide a detailed breakdown of “Operation Full Throttle,” and what streets/neighborhoods did these 400 arrests occur.   If information could be provided back to the City Council within 30 days.


Item 5: Bartley 9/5/17: Order:  That HPD monitor motorist’s speed on Lawler St. and report findings to the Public Safety committee.  This is a constituent request.
Add speed limit signs to Lawler Street.


Item 6: Roman 9/5/17: Order:  that the Holyoke Police Department provide a detailed list of any crimes or arrests in the past 12 months between 1056/1057 Main St to 1125 Main St., 350 Ingleside to 370 Ingleside St. also on the following streets:  Jones Ferry Rd, Oscar St, Arthur St. Peltiah St. and Saint Vincent St.  residents in this neighborhood would like to know what the crime date is for these streets.  Please provide data within 60 Days of receipt of the request, provide a copy to Ward Councilor and City Council Public Safety Committee.


Item 7: Bresnahan 5/16/17: Order:  that the Law Dept. review who has the authority to take a fire apparatus off line. This order is due to the Fire Commissioners intentions to take an Engine off line permanently under the reorganization plan the Fire Commissioners are attempting to implement have That last black out in the City required City Council Approval approximately 1976.


Item 8: Bresnahan 6/6/17Order:  that the Law Dept provide their opinion on whether or not the permanent closing of an engine will effect the Insurance rating for the City


Item 9: Bresnahan 6/6/17: Order:  Order that Fire Chief pond request the ISO to provide in writing whether or not the closing of an Engine 2 will impact our ISO rating


Item 10: Bartley 6/6/17: Order:  The DPW superintendent and the City Forester be invited to a Public Safety committee meeting to discuss removing dead trees and tree stumps as well as planting replacement trees.  Please be prepared to discuss an action plan that includes a budget.  If the Mayor could attend that would be great, too.


Item 11: Leahy 6/6/17: Order:  Order that the department of public works installs a much larger sign on the corner of Hampden and Lincoln Street that reads use turn signals. The sign that is there currently is extremely small and people do not see it. This causes a large back up of traffic.


Item 12: Bresnahan 6/6/17: Order:  that the DPW consider placing a sign at the parcel of land just before the parking lot at Kenney field that reads Slow Children At Play or similar wording to let drivers know there is a field/playground ahead


Item 13: Leahy 8/1/17: Ordered that: That the City of Holyoke makes a major push towards recycling in public areas by:
1. That all parks have a recycling container, a blue one on wheels,
labeled consistently city wide so they are recognized by the public.
2. That all school playgrounds and fields have recycling containers.
3. That any store, that request a DPW provided recycling container, be located at the entrance to promote recycling.


Item 14: McGee 8/1/17: Order that Whereas there are several traffic light and cross walking signal failures throughout the city, in order to properly address the public safety issues with regard traffic light and cross walk intersection failures it is requested that:
the DPW and fire department provide different bonding options for replacing/repairing the traffic light/cross walks in the city.  The options should be provided to the city council ASAP.


Item 15: Vacon 6/20/17: Order:  that guardrails be installed on Rt 202 near the entrance to Ashley Reservoir and across the street from the entrance due to ongoing safety issues.


Item 16: Sullivan 6/20/17: Order that full page ads be placed in the Springfield Republican and Holyoke Sun informing the public of social services which deal with addiction and homelessness.   The ad will also address the consequences involved in contributing directly to a panhandler as well as educate the public as to the safety and health issues involved.


Item 17: Sullivan 6/20/17: Order that signs be placed at key gateways and traffic islands.  Sign will read  PLEASE HELP OUR COMMUNITY, DO NOT GIVE MONEY TO PANHANDLERS.



Administrative Assistant: Ryan M. Allen
The listing of matters are those reasonable anticipated by the chair which may be discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law.

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