Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter School Board Meeting Agenda Text Size

Event takes place on at

Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter School Board Meeting

161 Lower Westfield Road, Holyoke MA

Monday, September 18, 2017 5pm – 9pm

Meeting Agenda:


Board Members: Rhonda Soto, Dr. Isabelina Rodriguez, Joseph Smith, Brenda Cepeda, Kevin Dumpson, Ruben Sepulveda, Heyda Martinez, Stacey Phillips, Tom Gardner, Keith Purcell, Frankie Santos


  • Call to order                                                                                            5:00-5:03
  •  Board of Director Training                                                             5:03-7:00
  •            Public Comment       7:00-7:15


  • As per Board policy, all speakers must sign in in order to comment or present. A sign in a sheet will be provided.



  •             Vote– Approval of minutes          7:15-7:20



Items Requiring Action


  •             Vote: New Board Members- President Sepulveda                         7:20-7:40


      1.  Review and discuss potential applicants
      2.  Recommendation and Selection


  •            Discussion: Standing and other Sub Committees Selection        7:40-8:10


    1. Finance
    2. Governess
    3. Executive Director’s Evaluation
    4. Social Justice Committees
    5. Building Site Committees


6.                 Informational Reports:8:10-9:10

    1. President’s Report  (10 mins)


  • Administrator’s Report


      1. Executive Director’s Report (10 mins)
      2. Principal’s Report (10 mins)


  • Sub and Standing Board Committee Reports


    1. Finance Committee Report
    2. Social Justice Committee Report
    3. Parent Report
    4. Staff Report
    5. Student Report

     7.                Old Business

     8.                New Business

    9.               Meeting Adjourned


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