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Event takes place on January 31, 2017 at 5:30 PM
Enlace De Familia

Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting

January 31, 2017 – 5:30 PM

En Lace De Familia

299 Main Street

Holyoke, MA



1.  Call to Order

2.  Acceptance of Minutes from December 6, 2016 Commission Meeting

3. Soucey Park – $60,000 Community Development Block Grant     Continued Discussion on Park improvements

4. Annual Election of Chair & Vice Chair of Parks & Recreation   Commission

5. Correspondence Received:

  • Planning & Economic Development: Notice of Decision for Special Permit for Increase in Size Signs for 820 High Street. 12/22/16
  • Planning & Econmoic Development: Notice of Decision for Special Permit for a Parking Reduction, 640 South Bridge Street.  12/13/16
  • Thank you letter, Children’s Museum & Holyoke Merry Go Round for contribution & support of Annual 1st Night Jr. Program

6. City Council Orders Received:

  • Introduced by Councilor Kevin A. Jourdain

Ordered, that Economic Development Office, Department of Parks and Recreation and Mayor’s Office meet with the Holyoke Creative Arts Center to discuss if the city can be of assistance with their space issues other than a cash rental subsidy.  Do we have available space in a municipal building that perhaps they could use that does not add cost to the city?

Is there private space that some organization or company could help them on a low cost or donated basis?  Can they apply for CDBG funding? It is an important program with a great history.  The city should try to provide to help them with their space needs if we can.

In City Council, December 6, 2016. Received and adopted. Referred to the Public Service Committee. Copy to Parks and Rec, Economic Development, Creative Arts Center, Mayor’s office and Public Service.

  • Introduced by Councilor Todd McGee

Ordered, that the sum of $1,500,000 is appropriated to pay the costs of Pouliot Pool reconstruction, including the payment of all costs incidental and related thereto, and that to meet this appropriation, the Treasurer, with the approval of the Mayor, is authorized to borrow said amount under and pursuant to Chapter 44, Section 7(1) of the General Laws, or pursuant to any other enabling authority, and to issue bonds or notes of the City therefore; that the Mayor is authorized to contract for and expend any state aid available for the project, provided that the amount of the authorized borrowing shall be reduced by the amount of such aid received prior to the issuance of bonds or notes under this order; and that the Mayor is authorized to take any other action necessary to carry out this project.

Further Ordered: That any premium received by the City upon the sale of any bonds or notes approved by this vote, less any such premium applied to the payment of the costs of issuance of such bonds or notes, may be applied to the payment of costs approved by this vote in accordance with Chapter 44, Section 20 of the General Laws, thereby reducing the amount authorized to be borrowed to pay such costs by a like amount.

Further Ordered: That the Treasurer is authorized to file an application to qualify under Chapter 44A of the General Laws any and all of the bonds or notes authorized to be issued pursuant to this Order, and to provide such information and execute such documents as maybe required for such purposes.

Further Ordered: That in order to reduce interest costs, the City Treasurer, with the approval of the Mayor is authorized to refinance any bonds issued pursuant to this Order and in connection therewith, to issue refunding bonds in accordance with Chapter 44, Section 21A of the General Laws.

Any material change to the description of projects included in this bond shall be subject to approval of the City Council.

Funds are available for appropriation or transfer per City Auditor

Passes by City Council, December 20, 2016

7.  Budget

   Review and Approval of Budget Request for Fiscal Year 2018

8.  New Business:

  • Request has been submitted to Dr. Zrike, Jr., for use of the swimming pool & gymnasium to run the summer, Swim/Gym Program at Holyoke High School
  • Other Business

9.  Submission of Community Development Block Grant Proposals FY 2018

  • Springdale Park – Playground Equipment
  • Ely Park
  • McNulty Park
  • Pulaski Park

10. Old Business

  • Status Update: MacKenzie Field & Roberts Sports Complex Capital Improvements
  • Establish Rental Fees/Rates for MacKenzie Field
  • Update – After School Open Gym Programs.
  • Update: Pouliot Pool

11. New Hires/Personnel

  • Job Posting – Assistant Director Position
  • Miscellaneous Pay Scale
  • Re-Appointment of Director.

12 Adjournment

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