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Event takes place on September 27, 2018 at 6:15 PM
Parks & Recreation Office

Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting

September 27, 2018 – 6:15 PM

Parks & Recreation Main Office




  1. Call to Order


  1. Acceptance of minutes from the June 27, 2018 Commission Meeting


  1. Correspondence Received:
  • Alicia Zoeller, Administrator Office of Community Development; FY 2017 Annual Plan Re-Programming II of Community Development Block Grant Funds. June 30, 2018
  • Planning & Economic Development, Notice of Decision, regarding Special Permit for Increase in size of sign. 1951 Northampton Street. 7/11/18
  • Email Received from City Clerk, Brenna Murphy McGee, granting permission to use the City Seal on a scoreboard for MacKenzie Field. 7/24/18
  • Holyoke community Preservation Act Committee, regarding a Public Informational Meeting on 7/31 at the Holyoke Senior Center.
  • Planning & Development, Public Hearing Notice, 8.14/18 for Site Plan Review submitted by PeoplesBank for 1846 Northampton Street.
  • Planning & Development Notice of Decision site plan review Yankee Pedlar Redevelopment, Peoples Bank case # 129. Received 8/15/18
  • American Legion United Forces Post 351. Requesting use of land for parking at Pulaski Park. Received 8/16/18
  • Volleyball Court Dedication, in Honor of Paula Conway at Holyoke High School on 8.18.18.
  • Holyoke Storm Water Authority, Public Hearing on 9/10/18 at 63 North Canal Street. Stormwater Permit application regarding Peoples Bank branch proposed at the former Yankee Pedlar Restaurant.
  • Community Preservation Plan booklet. Received 2018
  • Brian Manijak, Fall Baseball Coordinator, thank you letter for John Twohig for prepping fields.
  • Ann Leblanc, thank you letter for Senior Picnic
  • Elizabeth Nichols, thank you letter for Senior Picnic & suggestions for next year’s menu.
  • Brenna Murphy McGee, City Clerk, Public Hearing Notice for Ordinance Committee and Planning Board for review of zone change application submitted by O’Connell Properties, Inc. October 9, 2018, City Hall Annex
  • Holyoke Planning Board, Public Hearing 10/9/18, City Hall Annex, regarding a Special Permit to Exceed Fence Height, submitted by Peoples Bank at 1866 Northampton Street.


  1. City Council Orders Received:

Introduced by Councilor James Leahy

Ordered, that the Parks and Recreation Department clean the bleachers at Gilligan Field.  There is broken beer bottles, broken glass, and trash everywhere.  The parents of our Holyoke athletes have spent countless hours raising funds and support from local businesses.  They need support for what the school budget does not fund.

In City Council, September 5, 2018.  Received and referred to the Public Safety Committee.  Copy to Parks and Rec and DPW.


Introduced by Councilor Todd McGee

Ordered, Order the DPW/Parks and Rec., remove and replace the damaged playscape at EN White School.  It was hit by a car and is now a danger to students.  Also, the location should be moved away from the road to a new location near EN White (maybe behind the baseball field.)

In City Council, August 7, 2018.  Received and adopted. Referred to the DPW & Parks & Recreation.

Introduced by Councilor Gladys Lebron-Martinez

Ordered, per residents request, that the Parks & Recreation Department consider remodeling Pina Park with more sprinklers for next year, as other parks in the city.

In City Council, August 7, 2018.  Received and adopted.  Copy to Parks and Recreation & Mayor. 

Introduced by Councilor Todd McGee & Joseph McGiverin

Ordered, Order that the legal department and Parks & Rec proceed with an update in regards to the football field.

In City Council, August 7, 2018.  Received and adopted. Referred to the Legal Department & Parks & Recreation.  Copy to Public Service.


  1. Community Preservation Committee Update


  1. Budget Status for Fiscal Year 2019



  1. New Business
  • Correspondence submitted by Councilor David Bartley regarding suspicious activity during the summer months at Laurel Street Park
  • Director Shepard attended a Public Safety Committee Meeting at the request of Councilor Daniel Bresnahan on 8/23/18.
  • Through the efforts of longtime skate park advocate, Mr. Alex Maldonado, Darby O’Brien will be donating the City’s 3rd skatepark sign. The new sign will be reinforced with galvanized steel.
  • Correspondence sent to City Council President, Todd McGee outlining revenues collected and expenditures for the Department’s three Revolving Accounts. Filed on 8/30/18
  • Correspondence sent to City Council President, Todd McGee regarding the placement of the Medal of Honor Memorial in Veterans Park. 8/30/18
  • EN White School – New Playground, update
  • Letter issued to the National Register of Historic Places, regarding the support and approval of the application submitted by the Holyoke Preservation Trust, 92 Race Street, Holyoke. Ma.
  • Roberts Field Concession Agreement – open discussions on 2019 policies and fees for the department.
  • Other Business


  1. Old Business
  • Tennis Courts Update – Report submitted by R. Peirent, City Engineer
  • Pouliot Pool Update
  • Roberts Field Update
  • New Scoreboard at MacKenzie Field Update
  • Valley Arena, Ely Park (Basketball Court) & Pulaski Park, (Adult Fitness Equipment) going out to bid in the Fall 2018.
  • Medal of Honor Memorial Dedication, October 3, 2018 at Veterans Park


  1. Recreation Report

          See Attached


  1. New Hires/Seasonal, Part-Time Staff

          Ashley Perez – Program Staff


  1. Adjourn


  1. Next Meeting Date


  1. Adjournment

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