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Event takes place on January 11, 2018 at 6:00 PM
Parks & Recreation Office

Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting

January 11, 2018- 6:00 PM

Parks & Recreation Main Office



 1. Call to Order

 2. Acceptance of minutes from December 14, 2017 Commission Meeting

 3. Correspondence Received:

Notice of Decision special Permit Exceed Fence Height, Lyman Terrace. Office of Planning & Development. 12/14/17

Notice of Decision Site Plan Review, Lyman Terrace Modifications (File #991) Office of Planning & Development. 12/15/17

Legal Notice, Holyoke Historical Commission. Demolition Application for 1850 & 1864-66 Northampton Street.

 4. City Council Orders Received:

Introduced by Councilor Todd McGee

  • Ordered, that there is hereby authorized to be established and maintained for fiscal year 2018, in accordance with M.G.L. Chapter 44 Sec. 53E ½, the Community Field Revolving Fund.

1. Expenditures from the fund shall be specifically for the purposes of Labor, contract services, and supplies in the act of providing entertainment, recreation and program activities, and to support the care and maintenance of the Community Field Park.

2. The source of receipts to be credited to the Fund shall be cell tower lease agreements between the City of Holyoke and authorized licensees related to the Scott Tower as a location for the installation and use of certain antenna facilities; sponsorships and donations: Various charges for admission to or use of Community Field Park property or its facilities: Program fees specific to Community Field Park.

3. The officer authorized to expend from the Fund shall be Director of the Holyoke Recreations Department.

4. The limit on the total amount which may be expended from the Fund during fiscal year 2018 shall be the lesser of actual receipts collected during fiscal year 2018 or $100,000 which, when combined with all other such revolving funds authorized under M.G.L. Chapter 44 Sec 53 E ½ under the director control of the officer designated in 3, above, does not exceed 1% of the amount raised in taxation in 2018.

 In City Council 6/20/17. Received and referred to the finance Committee. In City Council on December 5, 2017, the report of Committee passed two readings and Adopted on a call of the roll of the yeas and nays. 11 Yeas, Nays 0. Absent 4. Approved on October 19, 2017

 5. Community Preservation Committee Update by Chairwoman Hernandez

 6. Budget

  7.  New Business

  • World Tech Engineering – Mass DOT Project #608790
  • Jones Ferry River Access Center – renewal of contract with Holyoke Rows.
  • Release of vendor applications for Crosier Field on day of St. Pat’s Parade
  • Medal of Honor Monument – Design
  • Parks & Recreation Commission Chairwoman, Libby Hernandez was reappointed, her term will expire on June 30, 2020.


 8. Old Business

  • Pioneer Valley Blue Sox – 2018 Permit/Contract
  • Pouliot Pool – Update
  • Tennis Courts Reconstruction-update
  • Mackenzie Field Restrooms & Concession Building
  • Proposed CDBG request for Fiscal Year 2018 for Springdale Park
  • PARC 2018 – Valley Arena Update


9. Recreation Report

  • Suburban Boys & Girls Basketball
  • Bowling Program
  • Spring Celebration – March 30, 2017


 10. New Hires/Seasonal, Part-Time Staff

Reni Baez – Community Field Staff

Margaret Pooler – Support Staff

Matt Lentes – Community Field Support Staff


11. Next Meeting Date

12. Adjournment

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