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Event takes place on August 23, 2017 at 5:30 PM
War Memorial Building 310 Appleton Street Holyoke, MA 01040

Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting

August 23, 2017 – 5:30 PM

War Memorial Building

Holyoke, MA



 1.  Call to Order

 2.  Acceptance of minutes from April 25, 2017 Commission Meeting

 3.  War Memorial Commissioners – discussion regarding monuments in City Parks.

 4.  Correspondence Received:

  • Holyoke License Board – Public Hearing on 8/21/17 for the application of a Seasonal All Alcohol Club License by Cayey Social Club.
  • Holyoke City Council Office – Public Hearing Notice: 6/5/17 regarding Mt. Tom Solar LLC for a special permit amendment for 200 Northampton Street
  • Office for Community Development Fiscal Year 2017 CDBG funding.
  • Office of Planning & Development – Public Hearing Notice on August 22, 2017, Site Plan Review Notice of Decision Amendment for the following property locations: 3-18, 23-38, 45-58 East Court Street, 3-6, 11-14, 17-24, 27-30, 35 – 38 Oliver street;  3,5,11, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 27, 29, 35, 37 John Street, 3-6, 11-14, 17-24, 27-30, 35-38 Hampden Street, 3-18, 23-38, 44-57 West Court Street.
  • Conservation Commission – Designation of Anja Ryan Duffy as member of the Community Preservation Committee.
  • Ofice of Planning & Economic Development – Designation of Mimi Panitch to the Community Preservation Committee
  • Office of Planning & Economic Development/Historical Commission vote to designate Marco Crescentini as the representative to the Community Preservation Committee.

 5.  City Council Orders Received:

Introduced by Councilor Todd McGee

  • Ordered, that the sum of $1,500,000 is appropriated to pay  the costs of tennis court reconstruction at Crosier Field, Jones Point and the High School, including the payment of all costs incidental and related thereto, and that to meet this appropriation, the Treasurer , with the approval of the Mayor, is authorized to borrow said amount under and pursuant to Chapter 44, Section 7(1) of the General Laws, or pursuant to any other enabling authority, and to issue bonds or notes of the City therefore; that the Mayor is authorized to contract for and expend any state aid available for the project, provided that the amount of the authorized borrowing shall be deduced by  the amount of such aid received prior to the issuance of bonds or notes under this order; and that the Mayor is authorized to take any other action necessary to carry out this project.


Further Ordered: That any premium received by the City upon the sale of any bonds or notes approved by this vote, less any such premium applied to the payment of the costs of issuance of such bonds or notes, my be applied to the payment of costs approved by this vote in accordance with Chapter 44, Section 20of the General Laws, thereby reducing the amount authorized to be borrowed to pay such costs by a like amount.

Further Ordered: That the Treasurer is authorized to file an application to qualify under Chapter 44A of the General Laws any and all of the bonds or notes authorized to be issued pursuant to this Order, and to provide such information and execute such documents as may be required for such purposes.

 Further Ordered: That in order to reduce interest costs, the City Treasurer  with the approval of the Mayor is authorized to refinance any bonds issued pursuant to this Order and in connection therewith, to issue refunding bonds is accordance with Chapter 44 Section 21A of the General Laws.

Any material change to the description of projects included in this bond shall be subject to the approval of the City Council.

The Committee on Finance to whom was referred  a Bond order of $1,500,000 to pay the costs of tennis court reconstruction at Crosier Field, Jones Point and the High School have considered the same and Recommend that the Order be adopted.

Report of Committee received and Denied on a call of the roll of yeas and nays. Yeas 9 (Bartley, Bresnahan, Jourdain, Leahy, McGee, McGiverin, Sullivan, Tallman, Valentin) Nays 4. Absent 2 (Lebron-Martinez, Lisi).

Laid on the table.

In City Council August 1, 2017. In City Council, on August 1, 2017, the report of committee passed two readings and Adopted on a call of the roll in the yeas and nays.

Yeas 11 Nays 3 (Roman, Vacon, Valentin). Absent 1 (Bresnahan).

In City Council, August 1, 2017. Received


Introduced by Councilors Todd McGee and James M. Leahy

  • Ordered, Order that the Park & Rec department inspect all playscapes at all parks in the City to make sure they are in good order.  Certain Parks still have broken equipment, spray painted on, etc. A report on the parks and their status is due back to the City Council in 3 weeks.

In City Council, August 1, 2017.  Received and adopted. Referred to the Parks & Rec. Copy to Community Preservation Committee.


6.  Community Preservation Committee

     Select a representative from the Parks & Recreation Commission to serve as a member.

7.  Budget

     2018 Fiscal Year Budget

8.  New Business:

  • Miscellaneous Salary Schedule of Chapter 2, amended.  (See Copies)
  • Schedule Commission Meetings from September 2017 – June 2018.
  • MacKenzie Field – relocation of plaque. Update on restrooms & concession.
  • Springdale Park – Discuss the state of the Storage Building
  • Breakdown of labor costs for the Pioneer Valley Blue Sox 2017 season at MacKenzie Field


 9.  Old Business

  • Roberts Field Sports Complex Capital Improvements – Complete
  • Soucey Park Renovation – State Date, September 11, 2017
  • Pouliot Pool Update
  • Valley Arena – Update (Including submission of PARC Grant)
  • Tennis Court Reconstruction-update


10. Recreation Report

 11.  New Hires/Personnel

       2017 Part-Time Summer Staff

 12. Adjournment

       Next Meeting Date

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