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Event takes place on June 06, 2019 at 6:00 PM
Parks & Recreation Office

Parks & Recreation Commission

Parks & Recreation Office

536 Dwight Street

Holyoke, MA  01040

Thursday, June 6, 2019

6:00 pm




1          Call to Order


2          Acceptance of Minutes


3          Correspondence Received – Public Hearing Notices & Decisions

  • Office of Planning & Development: Notice of Decision Site Plan Review.
  • Republic Pan AM, Holyoke Rail Yard Case #135, Approved with Conditions.
  • Office of Planning & Development Site Plan Review. Lyman Terrace Phase II
  • (SPR #134), Approved with Conditions
  • Public Hearing Notice, 3/26/19 Site Plan Review for increase in height in a front yard for a temporary construction fence
  • Office of Planning & Economic Development, Public Hearing Notice for 4/23/19, review of Site Plan for Republic Services, for the Holyoke Rail Yard Project.
  • Holyoke Historical Commission – Demolition Application 2 West Court, John St. 5/20/19, City Hall Annex
  • Storm Water Authority, 3/25/19 at DPW permit by William Sullivan Co., for Stormwater improvement activities at 107 Appleton Street.
  • Storm Water Authority, 6/3/19, at DPW. The Colvest Group, LTD to construct new commercial buildings at 1575 Northampton Street.
  • Storm Water Authority, 6/3/19 at DPW. Permit by T. Tom Generating Company
  • Office of Planning & Econmoic Development. 6/11/19, City Hall Annex, Review petition submitted by 3 Keys Cahoots, 104 Whiting Farms Road.
  • Office of Planning & Economic Development, Site Plan Review, Colvest Group, 1575 Northampton Street. 6/11/19, City Hall Annex.


Correspondence Received – Other

  • Pioneer Valley Blue Sox – Agreement reached with Holyoke Gas & Electric Department dated 3/6/19
  • Community Preservation Committee 3/21/19. Smith’s Ferry Cemetery Restoration Grant Approval
  • Alicia Zoeller, Office for Community Development, 5/21/19. Cease all design activities for Springdale Park


  1. City Council Orders Received
  • Introduced by Councilor Terence Murphy
  • Ordered, that the Director of Parks & Recreation and representatives from the Police Department meet with the Public Safety Committee to discuss past safety issues at the South Chestnut Street Park, and to plan for a safer program for both neighborhood youngsters and Parks Department employees. Also, to be discussed, have their safety concerns at other playgrounds for Parks.

In City Council February 5, 2019.  Received and referred to the Public Safety Committee.


  • Introduced by Councilor Michael J. Sullivan
  • Ordered, that the Honorable City Council approve the recommendation of the CPAC and award a grant in the amount of $5,3000 for the restoration of grave stones at the Smith’s Ferry Cemetery. (Parks & Rec. Historic Commission)

On City Council, March 19, 2019. Passed two readings and Adopted on a call of the roll of the yeas and nays. Yeas 11. Nays 2, Absent 2.


  • Introduced by Councilor Joseph M McGivern

Ordered, That the Council order for tennis court reconstruction sum approved on August 1, 2017 be modified to include repairs to and resurfacing of the James Jackson Courts located on South Canal Street.

Funds are available for appropriation of transfer per City Auditor.

In City Council May 7, 2019. Passed two readings and Adopted on a call of the roll of the yeas and nays. Yeas 13. Nays 0.


  1. Budget

Next year’s municipal budget, in the process of being finalized with the City Council.


  1. New Business


  • William & Nancy Ortiz, Longtime Handball Advocates and Volunteers requested to address the Parks & Recreation Commission.
  • Ely Park – proposed dedication of the New Basketball Court
  • FFY 2019 Community Development Block Grant Request, received from Alicia Zoeller, Administrator, Office of Community Development. The following projects were awarded: Scotts Tower Master Plan, $50,000, City Parks Capital Improvements, $92,000, and EN White Playground $173,250.00.
  • 2019 Seasonal & Temporary Employment Opportunities, Parks 7 Recreation listing. Applications will be accepted from April 1st – May 24th, 2019.
  • Red Cross Life Guard Training Courses, sponsored by Parks & Rec & the Greater Holyoke Boys & Girls Club one was held in May, the second course offering will be held in June.
  • Re-dedication of Valley Arena Park, Thursday, June 30th, from 12:00 – 2:00 pm
  • Pickleball Day July/August



  1. Old Business
  • Finalize the following contracts: Pioneer Valley Blue Sox & the Elms College
  • Acceptance of 2019 Fees & Policies
  • Scoreboard at Dean is installed
  • Dean Re-sodding is complete
  • Review of Family Festival



  1. Recreation Report

            See Summer Program Flyers


  1. Other Business


  1. Adjournment

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