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Event takes place on October 26, 2016 at 3:00 PM
Parks and Recreation Office - Holyoke City Hall

Holyoke Parks & Recreation Commission

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

3:00 pm Parks & Recreation Office

City Hall

Depart for City Wide Tour of City Parks & Park Property




1. Tour of City Parks & Park Property



3:00 pm leave City Hall and visit the following City Parks:


Kosciuszko                  Pulaski Park                            Ely Park – basket ball court

Pina Park                     McNally Field& De Roy Park – in front of Kelly School

Soucey Park

Carlos Vega Park        Jim Jackson Courts                 Valley Arena

Bonin Field                 Springdale Park                       Boat House

Ingleside Playground  Sheard Park                             South Chestnut Street Park

Pouliot Pool                Roberts Sports Complex         Mackenzie & John Young

Rohan Park                 Crosier Field                           Laurel Street Park

Donahue School – Bennett Field                                McMahon

Mayor Field                Roosevelt Square                    Community Field & Scotts Tower

Wyatt Harper              Sullivan School                       Anniversary Field – Lynch

Kenny Field                Kennedy Park                         McNulty ParkMorgan Street Park

Jones Point                  EN White School                    Mitchell Field – 202 Rotary

Avery Field                 Peasant’s Park – Across from YMCA

Veteran’s Park


Gloutak Park

Rock Valley Cemetery

Jones Ferry Cemetery


2. Adjournment

Return to City Hall

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