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Event takes place on June 27, 2017 at 6:30 PM
Holyoke City Hall: Council Chambers

City Council
Holyoke Massachusetts

Notice of Committee Meeting
There will be a regular meeting of the Committee on

At City Hall in the Council Chamber, on Tuesday June 27th at 6:30PM
Per order of the Chair: Linda Vacon


1: Acceptance of previous meeting minutes

2:  Petition of Dennis Croteau for a zone change at 79 Lower Westfield Rd. from current zone BL to proposed zone BH. (Map 117 Block 00 Parcel 003)

3:  Petition of Dennis Croteau for a zone change at 83 Lower Westfield Rd. from current zone R-1A to proposed zone BH (Map 117 Block 00 Parcel 004)

4: McGee  5/2/17: Order: Whereas new businesses that have developed around the mall area are looking for better directional signage for their business and such signage could be placed on private property owners property, it is therefore requested that the ordinance committee consider a possible new ordinance 

5: Sullivan4/4/17:  Order that the Ordinance Committee Review section 6.4.5  #5 signs-institutional use.

6: Roman 5/23/17: Order: Ordered that the City of Holyoke pass a moratorium on the approval of any recreational marijuana retailers, growers and distributors.   Moratorium would expire December 31, 2018.

7: Lopez 6/6/17: Ordered that the handicap parking space at 39 Vernon St. be removed (disabled child moved out of the area)

8: Roman 6/6/17: Ordered that the no parking sign in front of 61 Commercial St. be removed

9: Lebron-Martinez 6/6/17:  Order:  Request per Lyman Terrace tenants that John Street , Oliver and  lower Hampden Street be  designated for those residents living within Lyman Terrace. Suggesting that tenants be provided with parking stickers per household since they feel parking becomes limited when those who come to work in downtown and park around the corridor.

 10: Order:  petition filed for Speed humps on Reservation Rd. (petition attached)

 11: Greaney 9/6/16: Order:  that the City Council order that all clothing drop boxes on property throughout the City are the responsibility of the property owner to police and maintain. Any and all such clothing drop boxes shall be kept clean of any clothes and trash that might accumulate outside these boxes. Any violation of this ordinance shall be culpable for a fine of up to 25 dollars. It should be noted that all property owners who allow these drop boxes on their property should be in communication with the owners of these boxes to prevent any eye sores in the neighborhoods of Holyoke.

12: Item 12: Jourdain 1/17/17: Ordered that the City Council create and adopt a new comprehensive ethics ordinance

 13: Roman 12/6/16: Ordered, that the City of Holyoke through ordinance pass the “Fair Chance Rule,” requiring that the city itself as an employer make revisions to its current civil service processes and eliminate any barriers including the checking of the “box,” during an interview and application process, that may preclude applicants with criminal records from gaining employment with the City of Holyoke and/or its contractors.  Giving exception to any employment having to deal with the elderly, finances, and the youth. 

 14: Roman 8/2/16: Order:  That the City of Holyoke remove the loud speaker permit authority from the Police Department and include any loud speaker / outdoor permitting in special permits issued by the licencing board, this will improve efficiency, transparency and equity when issuing permits for loud speaker permits. 

 15: Roman 6/20/17: Ordered that a handicap sign be placed in front of 552 So. Summer St. for Jordanis Figueroa

 16: Roman 6/20/17: Ordered that a handicap sign be placed in front of 552 So Summer St. for Brenda Y. Lorenzi

 17: Lebron-Martinez 5/2/17: Order:  that a handicap sign be placed in front of 372 Maple St. for Cynthia Hernandez

 18: Bartley 5/16/17: Order:  that a handicap sign be placed in front of 3 Laurel St. for Adelaida Ramos.

 19: Roman 6/6/17: Order:  That a handicap sign be placed in front of 68 Cabot St. for Ann M. Alicea.

 20: Roman 6/6/17: Order:  That a handicap sign be placed in front of 577 South Bridge St. for Nathanael Santiago.

 21: 6/20/17 City Council Street Vendor application of Agustin Ortiz to sell Ice Cones in the Holyoke area

Administrative Assistant: Ryan M. Allen
The listing of matters are those reasonable anticipated by the chair which may be discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law


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