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Event takes place on June 30, 2015 at 6:30 PM
Holyoke City Hall: Council Chambers

City Council
Holyoke Massachusetts
Notice of Committee Meeting
There will be a regular meeting of the Committee on

At City Hall in the Council Chamber, on Tues. June 30 at 6:30PM
Per order of the Chair: Rebecca Lisi

1. Bartley 11/18/14: To amend Holyoke Code of Ordinances Chapter 22, Sections 161-163 (Pawnbrokers),and Chapter 66 (Secondhand dealers), by requiring that all city businesses subject to these laws be required to photograph any merchandise it receives, buys and sells,
2. Alexander 12/2/14: That the DPW develop and implement a plan to accept bulk items from rental tenants residing in Holyoke

3. Alexander 12/2/14: That the DPW develop and implement a plan to accept yard waste from business properties located in Holyoke, including appropriate charges to support the costs.

4. Jourdain 10/7/14: Order: That an ordinance be created to allow renters access to the DPW facilities to bring refuse and surplus items just like homeowners.

5. Bartley 12/2/14: Order: that the name be changed on the portion of Coit St. that is west of Hillside Ave.

6. Bartley 12/16/14: Order: Amend Ordinances to either remove the “No parking” sign on Lawler St. (near Barry Farrell’s) or move it closer to Northampton St. Parking is limited in this area. Refer to Ordinance with copy to Engineer.

7. Alexander 4/7/15: That the DPW and City Engineer join the Council to discuss and consider (a) a “left turn only” lane on Dwight just west of Northampton St (b) a “left turn only lane on Dwight just west of Pleasant St, and (c) making all of Dwight from Northampton St to Linden St a single-lane road, possibly with a marked bike lane.

8. Valentin: Order: That in lieu of a costly and impracticable public acceptance of Owens Place as a public way, the City Council enacts an ordinance authorizing temporary repairs to Owens Place. According to Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 40, § 6N, a municipality’s voluntary undertaking to repair does not transform the nature of a private way into a public one. The ordinance or by-law authorizing temporary repair of a private way must “determine (a) the type and extent of repairs; (b) if drainage shall be included; (c) if the repairs are required by public necessity; (d) the number of percentage of abutters who must petition for such repairs; (e) if betterment charges shall be assessed; (f) the liability limit of the city or town on account of damages caused by such repairs; (g) if the ways shall have been opened to public use for a term of years; and (h) if a cash deposit shall be required for said repairs

Administrative Assistant: Ryan M. Allen
The listing of matters are those reasonable anticipated by the chair which may be discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law


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