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Event takes place on June 10, 2014 at 6:30 PM
Holyoke City Hall: Council Chambers

City Council

Holyoke Massachusetts

 Notice of Committee Meeting

There will be a regular meeting of the Committee on

Ordinance at City Hall in the Council Chamber, Tuesday, June 10, at 6:30PM

Per order of the Chair: Rebecca Lisi



  1. Jourdain 3/18/14: Order: Travel Policy 2-48 be amended to further specify no personal use of city owned vehicles, no operation of the vehicles by non-city employees, no occupancy of the vehicles by non-city employees unless it is incident to an authorized official use.  That we further explore the necessity of providing a city-owned vehicle to certain listed/non-listed personnel, as well as, consider if other non-vehicle means of reimbursement would be more appropriate.  Further that we consider providing other amendments to the ordinance sections related to city owned vehicles as necessary.


2. Soto 3/18/14: Order: all municipal vehicles have identifiable placards in addition to having a phone number where concerned residents can identify the vehicle and call with complaints. This should exclude vehicles for public safety.


3 Jourdain 6/3/14: Ordered, that Section 2-48(5)(d) be amended to include a travel stipend for the Mayor at an amount set by the Council in the range of $550 – $750 per month.



4. Soto 3/18/14: Order: the City Council is provided all documentation related to all city vehicles that city employees are allowed to use after said employees are no longer acting in the course of their official duties. Additionally, details why use of identified vehicles is necessary and in the best interest of the City of Holyoke.


5 Soto 1119/13: Order: Dpw place two 15 min parking signs in front of 389 Main Street Monday thur Saturday from 7am to 7pm.


6. Greaney 2/4/14 Order: that City Property owners be responsible for any dead or decaying trees that cause a public safety hazard for other residents


7. Lisi 5/6/14: Ordered, that two of the diagonal parking spaces on Maple Street across from theTransportation Center and located towards Dwight Street be designated as ZipCar parking.

Administrative Assistant: Ryan M. Allen

The listing of matters are those reasonable anticipated by the chair which may be discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law.

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