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Notice of Committee Meeting

 There will be a Regular Meeting of the Committee on



At the City Hall Council Chambers Tuesday, April 29, 2014

At 6:30 PM

Per order of the Chairperson: Rebecca Lisi



  • Acceptance of Previous Meeting Minutes


  • Application for a Special Permit for a Motor Vehicle repair garage for Gilberto Rivas (Gil’s Auto Repair) at 606 Main St.


  • Lisi: Ordered that the City Council consider adopting an ordinance that prohibits mobil vendors from selling toy guns


  • Alexander: Ordered that each Zone/Use pair in Zoning Ordinance Table 4.3 (Principal Uses) and related zoning legislation be considered for amendment to update the permit requirement where a use-by-right requires a permit from Special Permit of the City Council to a Special Permit by the Planning Board under all conditions currently required for issuance of the same permit by the City Council, for the all Zones and Uses where a city Council Permit is required as follows: Multifamily Dwelling, Boarding House, Mobile Home Park, Planned Unit Development, Retirement/Assisted Living, Conversion to Dwelling, Cemeteries, Private, Essential Services, Funeral Home, Non-Exempt Educational Use, Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Retail with Incidental Wholesale or Manufacturing, Trailer or Boat Sales, Repair/Body Shop, Service Station, Service Station with Convenient Store, Repair Shop, Car Wash, Restaurant, Bank, Bank Under 2500 Sq. Ft., Commercial Drive Through, Arcade, Racetrack, Social/Civic Club, Adult Entertainment, Wireless Comm Facility, Warehouse/Distribution/MiniStorage, Bulk Fuel Storage/Distribution/ Refuse Transfer Station


  • Lebron-Martinez: Ordered that a temporary speed bump be placed on Bower St. near the Kelly school to reduce the speeding situation that is being reported by concerned constituents


  • Greaney: Ordered the DPW, HPD and City engineer assess the recurrent speeding and parking issues on Hillside Ave. from Woods Ave to Cherry St. and install a speed limit sign and take any other appropriate action to address the speeding and parking problems on Hillside Ave.


  • Lebron-Martinez: Ordered that handicap signs that were removed on 187 High Street in front of the Western MA Consortium be replaced as they were used for their disability population and complaints and concerns have come from the staff who are disabled and customers


  • Lebron-Martinez: Order that the City Council support an order to change the bus stop that is located at the corner of Maple and Cabot next to the Lawrence School to possibly in front of the Holyoke Public Library or a block away, nut not near the Lawrence School


  • Bartley: Ordered that DPW install a cross walk in front of Blessed Sacrament Church across Northampton St.


  • Lisi, Alexander Jourdain: Ordered that the City Council review all of the parking spaces on the deck behind City Hall and create ordinances that assign at leas 5-15 minute spaces to visitors and reserve additional spaces for all of the City Hall employees who merit a space based on frequency of travel


  • Bresnahan: Order the City provide a parking space specifically for the City Solicitor on top of the parking deck adjacent to City Hall


  • Lisi, Ferreira, Vega: Ordered that a STOP sign be placed at the corner of Oak and Essex (heading towards Appleton St.)


  • Soto: Ordered that a handicap placard be created for Juana Ramos at 318 Elm St.


  • Ordered that a handicap sign be placed at 6 Center St. for Antonio Santiago


  • Valentin: Order that DPW remove the handicap parking sign at 33 O’Connor Ave, Resident has moved and handicap parking is no longer needed


  • Soto: Ordered that the DPW remove the handicap sign in front of 805 High St. the occupants no longer live there


Ryan M. Allen: Administrative Asst.

The listing of matters are those reasonably anticipated by the chair which may be discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law.









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