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Event takes place on April 22, 2014 at 6:30 PM
Holyoke City Hall: Council Chambers

                                                        CITY COUNCIL


                                 HOLYOKE, MASSACHUSETTS

                                      Notice of Committee Meeting              


There will be a Regular Meeting of the Committee on


Joint Public Hearing with the Planning Board

At the City Council Chambers on Tuesday April 22, 2014

At 6:30P.M. At City Hall in the Council Chambers

Per order of the Chairperson: Rebecca Lisi




  • Acceptance of Previous Meeting Minutes
  • Zone Change Petition from BG (General Business) to IP (Industrial Park) for the land in Holyoke, Hampden County, Massachusetts identified by the City’s Assessors as Map 116 Block 00, Parcel 001, also known as Whiting Farms Road 18-acre Parcel (Update from Planning Board)
  • Alexander: Ordered Sections 6.1.3 (Parking Setbacks), Section 6.5 (Performance Standards) and Section 6.6 (Landscaping Requirements) and any related Sections of the Zoning Ordinances be reviewed for update.
  • Alexander: Ordered that each Zone/Use pair in Zoning Ordinance Table 4.3 (Principal Uses) and related zoning legislation be considered for amendment to update the permit requirement where a use-by-right requires a permit from Special Permit of the City Council to a Special Permit by the Planning Board under all conditions currently required for issuance of the same permit by the City Council.
  • Jourdain, Bresnahan, Leahy, Soto, Vacon: Order:  Travel Policy 2-48 be amended to further specify no personal use of city owned vehicles, no operation of the vehicles by non-city employees, no occupancy of the vehicles by non-city employees unless it is incident to an authorized official use.  That we further explore the necessity of providing a city-owned vehicle to certain listed/non-listed personnel, as well as, consider if other non-vehicle means of reimbursement would be more appropriate.  Further that we consider providing other amendments to the ordinance sections related to city owned vehicles as necessary.
  • Vacon: Order:  City employees taking a vehicle home outside of work hours pay a weekly fee for the use of a public vehicle.  This fee shall be no less than the cost incurred by the City for the use, insurance, gas etc. associated with the private use of the vehicle or $100.00 per week or as otherwise set by the City Council.  No employee shall be required to take a city owned vehicle home.
  • Soto: Order:  the City Council is provided all documentation related to all city vehicles that city employees are allowed to use after said employees are no longer acting in the course of their official duties. Additionally, details why use of identified vehicles is necessary and in the best interest of the City of Holyoke.
  • Soto: Order that the City cease and desist the policy of allowing take home vehicles for municipal employees until the process can be adequately and thoroughly reviewed this should exclude vehicles used for public safety
  • Soto: Order all municipal vehicles have identifiable placards in addition to having a phone number where concerned residents can identify the vehicle and call with complaints.  This should exclude vehicles for public safety.
  • Bresnahan: Order City of Holyoke’s vehicle that the Mayor uses shall have the City of Holyoke Seal located on the front drivers side and passenger side doors.  Also the vehicle shall be registered with plates designated “official”   
  • Leahy: Ordered, Special Act relative to Holyoke Police Officer David Zolendziewski be amended to the language of the special act
  • Lisi: Ordered that in an effort to protect the Quabbin Reservoir from wildlife caused contamination, the City Council adopt an ordinance making it illegal to feed gulls in public places
  • Soto: Ordered that Sec. 22-133 of the Ordinances be amended to state that all license holders, regardless of whether they have a special permi, must display a placard with the number of vehicles permitted by the license board.


Ryan M. Allen: Administrative Assistant

The listing of matters are those reasonably anticipated by the chair which may be discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law.


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