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Event takes place on March 25, 2014 at 6:30 PM
Holyoke City Hall Council Chambers




Notice of Committee Meeting

There will be a Regular Meeting of the Committee on



At the City Hall Council Chambers Tuesday, March 25 , 2014

At 6:30 PM

Per order of the Chairperson: Rebecca Lisi




  • Acceptance of Previous Meeting Minutes


  • Application for a Special Permit for a Motor Vehicle repair garage for Gilberto Rivas (Gil’s Auto Repair) at 606 Main St.


  • Lisi: Ordered the City Council consider deleting the individual/owner license fees for commercial/residential dumpsters and replace the fee system with one that charges a single license fee for doing business in the city to dumpster haulers (similar to what we have in place for taxi operator licenses in the city).


  • Lisi: Ordered that Chapter 74 be reviewed and amended as necessary to allow the Board of Health, DPW and Police to have the option to issue a non-criminal ticket for the first violation of provisions such as illegal dumping rather than having to issue a warning letter prior to a ticket


  • Alexander: Ordered:  78-57 (Speed Humps) be amended as follows:

    (a) a definition of “impacted segment” be included such that the impacted segment is defined as 300 feet to either side of the zone proposed for location of the Hump, or to the nearest fully signalized intersection in that direction, whichever comes first.

    (b) the words “signed by at least two thirds of the property owners” be replaced by “signed by at least one occupant of at least two thirds of the residential units within the impacted segment”

    (c) the words “the impacted portion” be replaced with “impacted segment” (both terms are present in the current language)


  • Lebron-Martinez: Ordered that a temporary speed bump be placed on Bower St. near the Kelly school to reduce the speeding situation that is being reported by concerned constituents


  • Greaney: Ordered the DPW, HPD and City engineer assess the recurrent speeding and parking issues on Hillside Ave. from Woods Ave to Cherry St. and install a speed limit sign and take any other appropriate action to address the speeding and parking problems on Hillside Ave.


  • Lebron-Martinez: Ordered that handicap signs that were removed on 187 High Street in front of the Western MA Consortium be replaced as they were used for their disability population and complaints and concerns have come from the staff who are disabled and customers


  • Bartley: Ordered the DPW remove temporary signs from the following locations:
  1. Senior Center (corner of Beech/Sargeant
  2. Veterans Park (corner of Maple/Dwight and Chestnut/Hampden


  • Bartley: Ordered that with Hobert’s no longer operating as a funeral home, the City remove two preferred parking signs from in front of it’s doors on Linden and Suffolk St.


  • Jourdain: DPW please put a speed limit sign on Lower Westfield Rd on the hill going up to the Elks and Blueberry Hill


  • Lebron-Martinez: Order that the City Council support an order to change the bus stop that is located at the corner of Maple and Cabot next to the Lawrence School to possibly in front of the Holyoke Public Library or a block away, nut not near the Lawrence School


  • Soto: Ordered that the DPW install a crosswalk on the corner of Cabot and Clemente St.


  • Bartley: Ordered that DPW install a cross walk in front of Blessed Sacrament Church across Northampton St.


  • McGee T: Ordered that handicap sign at 40-42 Belvidere be removed, the person has moved


  • Lisi, Ferreira, Vega: Ordered that a STOP sign be placed at the corner of Oak and Essex (heading towards Appleton St.)


  • Bartley: Ordered City Council refer to its Ordinance Committee an ordinance change to install either a 2 way or a 4 way STOP sign at the intersection of King and Queen Streets.


  • Bartley: Ordered that a STOP sign be placed at the North intersection on Sullivan Rd. by the access road to Stevens Roofing (Sullivan Rd. Extension) and the Sullivan Rd. Guard House to ISO New England


  • Vega: Ordered no parking area along the north side of Cherry Street between the entrance and exit of Leary Drive be removed. In its place let there be designated parking spots along Cherry St. with proper space from the existing crosswalk at Maple Crest, proper space left for the bus stop and proper buffer space for the fire hydrant. Additionally let there be a designated crosswalk near Dale St. to the bus stop.


  • Alexander, Bresnahan, McGee T, Vacon: Ordered that Council declare the Beaudoin Village neighborhood, (including Leary Dr. and any other public ways within Beaudoin Village, a Residents-Only parking district, define the boundaries of such District and provide HHA with the authority to enforce the district through a permit and ticket/tow process


  • Bartley: in an effort to mitigate sign pollution in Ward 3, direct the DPW to remove the following superfluous signage from the streets of Elmwood, specifically those along length of South St. from Northampton St. to the Route 391 interchange: the numerous “right turn only” signs which clutter the sidewalk and which only mimic the painted marking on the road


  • Jourdain: an ordinance be created to change the policy regarding vacation leave payouts for non-union employees so that leave is paid on a accrual basis when the employee retires.


  • Alexander: Ordered that the City Council adopt an Ordinance requiring owners of stores utilizing Shopping Carts to retrieve carts abandoned off-premises within a reasonable timeframe, and establishing a fine and enforcement mechanism for failure to comply.



Ryan M. Allen: Administrative Asst.

The listing of matters are those reasonably anticipated by the chair which may be discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law.



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