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Event takes place on October 29, 2013 at 6:30 PM
City Hall Council Chambers

                                                        CITY COUNCIL


                                 HOLYOKE, MASSACHUSETTS

                                      Notice of Committee Meeting

There will be a Regular Meeting of the Committee on Ordinance

At the City Council Chambers on Tuesday October 29, 2013

At 6:30P.M. At City Hall in the Council Chambers

Per order of the Chairperson: Rebecca Lisi


  • Acceptance of 10/22/13 Meeting Minutes

 Item 1: ALEXANDER (8/6/13)

Whereas the current methodology for calculating the value of a taking via eminent domain has proved controversial.

 Ordered, that the City Assessor join the Ordinance Committee to review and possibly modify that methodology

 Item 2: VEGA, Lisi (9/3/13)

Ordered, that the City Council adopt an ordinance in accordance with M.G.L. Ch. 40, Sec. 21E to establish due dates for the payment of all municipal charges and bills and fix a rate at which interest may accrue if such charges remain unpaid. (Currently Section 90:90(b) states “All charges or bills shall be due and payable 30 days after issue and charges or bills remaining unpaid after such due date shall be charged interest thereon at a rate of 14 percent per year as provided in M.G.L.A. c. 40, § 21E. & applies only to the sewer bills)

Item 3: VEGA, Lisi (9/3/13)

Ordered, that That the Chief Assessor review the current MUNIS settings with regards to when he places Municipal Sewer Charge Liens on the Tax Bills that they all be placed in the 3 by City Ordinance 90:90(b) and report back to the full Council with evidence of compliance.

(Currently the Sewer Liens are divided over the 3 not appear to have interest charged.)

  Item 4 Alexander: Table 5.2 be revised to include all currently defined Zones and to clarify the distinction between building coverage and total developed coverage on a parcel

  •      Communication from the Planning Board Re: Alexander Order Zone Change: Section 5.2 Table of Dimensional Regulations


Item 5 Alexander:  Order that Sections 8.1 “Floodplain Overlay District” and 8.4 “Professional Office Overlay District” be amended to begin with a stated purpose for the district.

  •      Communication from the Planning Board Re: Alexander order Zone Change: Sections 8.1 (FOD) and 8.4 (POOD) ; Adding Purposes


Item 6 Alexander: Ordered: That the City establish a six-month temporary moratorium on the siting or licensing of any such facilities, allowing time for the study and creation of appropriate zoning regulations

  •      Communication from Planning Board Re: Zone Change: Establish a Six Month Moratorium, Medical Marijuana


 Item 7: BRESNAHAN (8/6/13, tabled from 9/10/13)

Ordered, that City of Holyoke review Chapter 18-35 regulations of blighted and vacant buildings by calling in the Health Director Brian Fitzgerald to the Ordinance Committee.

 Item 8: VEGA, Alexander (9/3/13)

Ordered, that the Sewer Commission look at raising the minimum usage charge. Currently the $5 minimum fee for users who use less then or up to 2,500 gallons includes approximately 1,400 bills. If this was raised to $8 or $10 it would have minimum impact on users and create additional revenue for the sewer fund.

 Item 9: JOURDAIN (6/4/13)

Ordered, that Ordinance be changed to eliminate 20% of DPW Superintendent salary from being paid out of Sewer Fund and pay whole salary from DPW General Fund budget.


 Ryan M. Allen: Administrative Assistant

The listing of matters are those reasonably anticipated by the chair which may be discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law.


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