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Event takes place on December 11, 2013 at 6:00 PM
4th Floor Conference Room 403 City Hall Annex Holyoke MA

City of Holyoke

License Board Commission

Meeting Agenda


DECEMBER 11, 2013

 6:00 P.M.



1.  Approval of Minutes                                                         November 6, 2013


2.   Repair/Sale License Review                                            Michael’s Auto Sales/

                                                                                                Gold Star Service

                                                                                                11 Lincoln St.


                                                                                                Oliver’s Auto Body

                                                                                                1519-1521 Dwight St.


                                                                                                Reardon’s Garage

                                                                                                1537 Northampton St.


                                                                                                Mengel DeFonte Auto Body

                                                                                                130 Maple St.


                                                                                                Scott Auto Leasing & Rental

                                                                                                398 Maple St.


                                                                                                South Summer Motors/

                                                                                                JJ’s Auto Sales & Towing

                                                                                                525 South Summer St.


3.   Class II Renewal                                                               Hillside Auto Sales

                                                                                                911 Main St.


                                                                                                Auto Sales Center

                                                                                                1607 Northampton St.


                                                                                                Shaw Motor Car Sales

                                                                                                131 Suffolk St.


                                                                                                R.E.P. Service Co.

                                                                                                145 Hampden St.


                                                                                                Contemporary Auto Sales

                                                                                                63 Shawmut Ave.


                                                                                                Ken’s Auto Sales

                                                                                                92 Main St.


                                                                                                Jim’s Auto Center

                                                                                                1635 Northampton St.


                                                                                                ABC Sales & Service

                                                                                                621 South St.


                                                                                                D.E. Borque

                                                                                                1280 Dwight St.


                                                                                                AW & T Auto Wholesale

                                                                                                395 Maple St.


                                                                                                Dock Classics

                                                                                                31 Jackson St.


                                                                                                Extreme Auto Body

                                                                                                170 Main St.


                                                                                                Bridge Motor Sales

                                                                                                914 Main St.


                                                                                                Springdale Auto Sales

                                                                                                901 Main St.


                                                                                                Sportsman Auto Sales

                                                                                                243 Elm St.


                                                                                                JGL Truck Sales

                                                                                                27 Jackson St.


                                                                                                Herrera Auto Sales

                                                                                                395 Maple St.


                                                                                                Pleasant Auto Sales

                                                                                                170 Main St.


                                                                                                Williams Auto Sales

                                                                                                591 High St.


                                                                                                Crabtree’s Service Station

                                                                                                1530 Northampton St.




                                                                                                108 Suffolk St.


                                                                                                Diaz Auto Sales

                                                                                                829 Main St.


                                                                                                K&D Auto Sales

                                                                                                18 Kay Ave.


                                                                                                O’Brien’s Auto

                                                                                                40 Anderson Hill


                                                                                                Peerless Auto Sales

                                                                                                604 Main St.


                                                                                                Reyes Auto Sales

                                                                                                100 Main St.


                                                                                                Route 5 Motors

                                                                                                280 Ingleside St.


                                                                                                Riverside Auto & Cycle Service

                                                                                                85 North Bridge St.


                                                                                                Sam’s Quality

                                                                                                170 Main St.


                                                                                                LaFlamme Truck & Equipment Sale

                                                                                                5 Anderson Hill


                                                                                                Jerry’s Auto Repair & Sales

                                                                                                901 Main St.


                                                                                                Holyoke Auto Sales

                                                                                                69-71 Jackson St.


                                                                                                M&S Motors Inc.

                                                                                                184 Suffolk St.


                                                                                                B&V Automotive LLC

                                                                                                101 No. Bridge St.


4.  Class I  License Renewal                                                  Marcotte Ford Sales

                                                                                                1025 Main St.



5.  Repair License Renewal                                                    M&S Motors

                                                                                                184 Suffolk St.


                                                                                                Ron’s Auto Care

                                                                                                150 Suffolk St.


                                                                                                Highland Service Center

                                                                                                131 Suffolk St.


                                                                                                Boulais Service

                                                                                                901 Main St.


                                                                                                D.E. Borque & Sons Inc.

                                                                                                1280 Dwight St.


                                                                                                Riverside Auto Sales

                                                                                                85 North Bridge St.


                                                                                                O’Briens Auto

                                                                                                40 Anderson Hill Rd.


                                                                                                AW&T Auto Wholesale

                                                                                                395 Maple St.


                                                                                                Hampshire Towing

                                                                                                101 No. Bridge St.


                                                                                                Holyoke Auto Body

                                                                                                41 No. Summer St.


                                                                                                Jerry’s Auto Sales

                                                                                                901 Main St.


                                                                                                Jay’s Auto Repair & Towing

                                                                                                170 Main St.


                                                                                                Sam’s Quality Motors

                                                                                                170 Main St.


                                                                                                Reyes Auto Sales

                                                                                                100 Main St.


                                                                                                K&D Auto Sales

                                                                                                18 Kay Ave.




                                                                                                Crabtree’s Service Station

                                                                                                1530 Northampton St.


                                                                                                TMC Inc.

                                                                                                108 Suffolk St.


                                                                                                Gil’s Auto Repair & Performance

                                                                                                21 Hadley Mills Rd.


                                                                                                Julio Auto Repair

                                                                                                775 High St.


                                                                                                Extreme Auto Body

                                                                                                170 Main St.


                                                                                                B&V Automotive

                                                                                                101 No. Bridge St.


                                                                                                Doc’s Classics

                                                                                                31 Jackson St.


                                                                                                Sportsman Auto Sales           

                                                                                                243 Elm St.


                                                                                                Ken’s Auto Sales

                                                                                                921 Main St.


                                                                                                R.E.P Service

                                                                                                145 Hampden St.


                                                                                                Jim’s Auto Center

                                                                                                1635 Northampton St.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Diaz Auto Repair

                                                                                                829 Main St.



6.  Alcohol Li cense Renewal                                                Capri Pizza d/b/a

                                                                                                18-20 Cabot St.


                                                                                                Union Club of Holyoke

                                                                                                37 Commerical St.


                                                                                                Delaney House

                                                                                                1 Country Club Road


                                                                                                Pizza D’Action

                                                                                                232 Lyman St.


                                                                                                99 Restaurant & Pub

                                                                                                50 Holyoke St.


                                                                                                                        The Lob Cabin Banquet Meeting Room

                                                                                                500 Easthampton Rd.


                                                                                                Wyckoff Country Club

                                                                                                233 Easthampton Rd.


                                                                                                Bowl Tuf Lounge

                                                                                                158 Elm St.


                                                                                                Griffin’s Café

                                                                                                329 Hampden St.


                                                                                                The Clover Pub

                                                                                                100-104 High St.



                                                                                                874 Hampden St.


                                                                                                Unicorn Inn

                                                                                                126 High St.


                                                                                                Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

                                                                                                27 Holyoke St.


                                                                                                Sportsman Café

                                                                                                162 High St.


                                                                                                Nick O’Neils

                                                                                                173-175 High St.


                                                                                                Pizzeria Uno

                                                                                                50 Holyoke St.


                                                                                                Eighty Jarvis

                                                                                                80 Jarvis Avenue


                                                                                                The Wherehouse

                                                                                                109 Lyman St.



                                                                                                Franco Restaurant

                                                                                                40-42 Lyman St.


                                                                                                Doble Seis

                                                                                                348-352 High St.


                                                                                                Golden Horse Café

                                                                                                447 Main St.


                                                                                                Open Square

                                                                                                110 Lyman St.


                                                                                                Francis Tavern

                                                                                                108 Maple St.


                                                                                                Ruby Tuesday

                                                                                                50 Holyoke St.



                                                                                                8 North Bridge St.


                                                                                                Hidden Palace

                                                                                                55 North East St.


                                                                                                Bamboo House

                                                                                                2223 Northampton St.


                                                                                                Yankee Pedlar Inn

                                                                                                1864 Northampton St.


                                                                                                Ivory Billiards Lounge

                                                                                                151 Chestnut St.


                                                                                                Pilsudski Park

                                                                                                Old Country Road


                                                                                                Mel’s Restaurant

                                                                                                490 Pleasant St.


                                                                                                United Forces Past #351

                                                                                                50 Saint Kolbe Drive


                                                                                                Lafayette Café of Holyoke

                                                                                                524-526 So. Bridge St.



                                                                                                Holyoke Turn Verein

                                                                                                624-626 So. Bridge St.


                                                                                                Mambo Café

                                                                                                497 High St.


                                                                                                Hamel’s Catering

                                                                                                555 Northampton St.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Waterfront Tavern & Restaurant

                                                                                                920 Main St.


                                                                                                Paper City Post #325 American Legion

                                                                                                22 Sycamore St.


                                                                                                The Club House

                                                                                                250 Westfield Rd.


                                                                                                Fitzgerald Pizza & More

                                                                                                224 Westfield Rd.


                                                                                                J.P.’s Pizza & Sandwich Shop

                                                                                                200 Whiting Farms Rd.


                                                                                                Holiday Inn

                                                                                                245 Whiting Farms Rd.


                                                                                                Holyoke Lodge of Elks

                                                                                                250 Whitney Ave.


                                                                                                Pat’s Liquors

                                                                                                7 Cabot St.


                                                                                                Greg & Adams Package Store

                                                                                                1380 Dwight St.


                                                                                                Schermerhorn’s Seafood & Spirits

                                                                                                224B Westfield Rd.


                                                                                                Racing Mart Fuels                                                                                                                              330 Main St.


                                                                                                Dillions Package Store

                                                                                                589 High St.



                                                                                                648 High St.


                                                                                                B.J. Liquours

                                                                                                54 Canal St.


                                                                                                Liquors 44

                                                                                                44 Lincoln St.



                                                                                                Jubinville Package Store

                                                                                                370 Main St.


                                                                                                Holyoke Liquor Mart

                                                                                                2217-2219 Northampton St.


                                                                                                                        One Stop Discount Liquor & Convenience

                                                                                                163-165 Suffolk St.


                                                                                                Route 202 Liquors

                                                                                                518 Westfield Rd.


                                                                                                Neil E. Tierney

                                                                                                225 Whiting Farms Rd.


                                                                                                Shop N Go

                                                                                                915 Main St.


                                                                                                Manny’s Market

                                                                                                155-157 Sargent St.


                                                                                                Holyoke Knights of Columbus

                                                                                                250 Westfield Rd.


                                                                                                Fernandez Family Restaurant

                                                                                                161-163 High St.


                                                                                                Stop & Go Convenience Store

                                                                                                399 Hillside Ave.



                                                                                                801 High St.


                                                                                                Corner’s Delight

                                                                                                95 High St.


                                                                                                Union Mart

                                                                                                297 Apremont Highway




                                                                                                392 High St.


                                                                                                TNT Pizza

                                                                                                548 South St.


                                                                                                Valley Hall

                                                                                                26B Hadley Mills Rd.



                                                                                                539 Pleasant St.


                                                                                                Caribbean Restaurant

                                                                                                264-268 Race St.


                                                                                                Appleton Market

                                                                                                435 Appleton St.


                                                                                                Pickles Pub & Pizzeria

                                                                                                910 Hampden St.


                                                                                                Pirates Cove Restaurant & Pub                                                                                                              2 Jones Ferry Rd.



                                                                                                420 South St.


                                                                                                Obie Knox Lodge Of Elks #1568\                                                                                                 18 ½ Spring St.


                                                                                                Sandcastle Lounge

                                                                                                2233 Northampton St.


7.  Special License                                                                 Judy Nadler


8.  Adjourn








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