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Event takes place on February 12, 2014 at 5:00 PM
City Hall Annex, Conference Room 403, 20 Korean Veterans Plaza, Holyoke, MA


License Board Commission


February 12, 2014

5:00 PM



1.  Approval of minutes                                            January 8, 2014


2.  Transfer of Alcohol License                                The Log Cabin Banquet &                                                                                                  Meeting house d/b/a                                                                                                              Wyckoff Banquets,

                                                                                    233B Easthampton Rd. to

                                                                                    D. Hotel & Suites Inc.

                                                                                    1 Country Club Road


3.  New Alcohol License                                            Carmen Lay d/b/a

                                                                                    The Carribean Restaurant

                                                                                    268 Race St.


                                                                                    LaFayette Café of Holyoke, Inc.

                                                                                    524-526 So. Bridge St.



4.  Class II License Renewal                                     F&M Motor Sales

                                                                                    414A South St.


                                                                                    Kars Inc.

                                                                                    600 Main St.


                                                                                    Tony’s Auto Sales    

                                                                                    800 High St.


                                                                                    Michael’s Auto Sales

                                                                                    11 Lincoln St.


5.  Repair License Renewal                                      Ozzie’s Auto Repair

                                                                                    532 High St.


                                                                                    Classic Custom Muffler & Exhaust

                                                                                    54 Commercial St.


                                                                                    Commercial Auto Service & Detailing

                                                                                    52 Commercial St.


                                                                                    TWC Auto Body & Repair

                                                                                    56 Jackson St.


                                                                                    Alex Auto Repair

                                                                                    555 So. Canal St.


                                                                                    Gold Star Service

                                                                                    11 Lincoln St.


                                                                                    Tony’s Auto Sales

                                                                                    800 High St.


6.  Entertainment License                                         Carmen Rivera d/b/a

                                                                                    Quisqueya Social Club

                                                                                    119 High St.


7. Special License                                                      Peter Rosskothen


                                                                                    Melissa Boiselle


                                                                                    Michael Rigali


                                                                                    Eileen Cavanaugh


                                                                                    Luis Velazques


                                                                                    Cesar A. Lopez


                                                                                    Wendy Werbiskis


                                                                                    Arthur Leigner


                                                                                    Vitek Kruta


                                                                                    Gurnnder Dhaliwals Sanjay Ptael


                                                                                    Constance Kennedy


                                                                                    Lawrence Jackson


                                                                                    Joseph McGiverin


8. Open Air Permit                                                    Timothy Burley d/b/a

                                                                                    Pig Park BBQ LLC


                                                                                    Peter Rosskothen d/b/a

                                                                                    Mt. Joe


9.  Other Buisness                                                      Correspondence re:

                                                                                    Reardon’s Garage


                                                                                    Correspondence re:

                                                                                    Doble Seis


                                                                                    Correspondence re: 



                                                                                    Correspondence re:

                                                                                    Pat’s Liquors


10.  Adjourn                                                 


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