Holyoke Housing Authority Text Size

Event takes place on January 09, 2014 at 6:00 PM
475 Maple St. Holyoke MA

1)            AGENDA:

                              To approve minutes: December 5, 2013

                              To approve minutes:  December 12, 2013

                              To approve minutes:  December 16, 2013

                              To approve minutes:  December 23, 2013


2)            Executive Director Report

               A)           NEW BUSINESS

                              Anticipated topics for discussion:

                              1)            2014 Utility Allowances

                                             To approve Utility Allowances for both the leased housing and public housing programs                                                          for 2014.

                              2)            Write offs for Federal and State Tenant Accounts Receivable

                                             To approve Federal delinquent rent write off of $3,176.81

                                             To approve State delinquent rent write off of $1,101.00

                              3)            Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Submission to DHCD

                                             To approve annual submission as required by DHCD

                              4)            To approve submission of the Moving to Work Annual Plan

                              5)            To approve Developer selection for Lyman Terrace


B)           OLD BUSINESS – no items anticipated

C)            REPORTS (open for discussion)

               1)            Maintenance/Admissions

               2)            Modernization Report

               3)            Finance Department Report

               4)            Leased Housing

               5)            Resident Services Report

               6)            MIS Report




               1)            Strategy for contract negotiations/litigation if needed



E)            Adjournment

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