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Event takes place on June 16, 2016 at 6:15 PM until 8:30 PM
Sue Ellen Panitch River Access Center - 8 Oscar Street Holyoke, MA 01040


Conservation Commission

City of Holyoke

June  16, 2016

Sue Ellen Panitch River Access Center at Jones Ferry

8 Oscar Street


  1. Business

Issuance of Permits for 


  • Notice of Intent:  DEP 186-0258


    • Applicant: Mount Tom Solar, LLC
    • Representative: Briony Angus, Tighe & Bond
    • Location: 200 Northampton Road
    • Description: Notice of Intent filed by Tighe & Bond, on behalf of Mt. Tom Solar, LLC, for the construction of a 5.8 MW ground-mounted solar array on 54 acres located at 200 Northampton Street (MBP 226-00-009).  Proposed development will require work within on-site wetland areas, specifically Bordering Land Subject to Flooding (approximately 19.5 acres) and Riverfront Area (1.15 Acres).  Fill in BLSF and compensatory storage are proposed.  A variance from the 100′ Buffer to BLSF has been requested, pursuant to the Holyoke Wetlands Ordinance   



  • Notice of Intent:  DEP 186-0256


    • Applicant: SHR Energy 
    • Representative: Steve Marsden
    • Location: Whitney Avenue
    • Description: Notice of Intent filed by Marsden Engineering, Inc. on behalf of SHR Energy Management LLC for the construction of a 659 KW solar facility located on a 7.5 acre parcel of land on Whitney Avenue ( Lot 7, MBP 176-00-003).  The construction of an access road is within the 100′ Buffer Zone of a Vegetated Wetland.  The Applicant is seeking limited project designation under Section 310 CMR 10.24 and 10.53 of the Massachusetts WPA and has requested a variance from the 50′ Buffer Zone performance standards under section VII.C.2.b of the Holyoke Wetlands Ordinance


2. Continuance of Public Hearing

Notice of Intent:  DEP 186-0259

  • Applicant: Mountain View Baptist Church
  • Representative: Mike Gagnon, Milone & MacBroom, Inc
  • Location: 310 Apremont Highway
  • Description: Construction of a 100′ x 75′ structure attached to the south side of an existing building located at 310 Apremont Highway (MBP 81-00-078A); as well as this addition’s associated infrastructure.  Proposed development will require work within the buffer zone of regulated resource ares found on-site, specifically vegetated wetlands.  Construction of stormwater infrastructure and a subsurface septic system are located within the 100′ Buffer Zone of a Vegetated Wetland and within the 50′ Limit of Disturbance established in Section VII.C(2) of the Holyoke Wetlands Ordinance.  The Applicant is requesting a variance from the 50′ Buffer Zone performance standards under section VII.C.2.b of the Holyoke Wetlands Ordinance.

New Application

  1. Request for Determination of Applicability:  Water Chestnut Removal
    • Applicant: Silvio Conte Wildlife Refuge
    • Representative: Cynthia Boetner
    • Location: Multiple Impoundments
    • Description: Requesting permission to remove Water chestnut by hand using volunteer teams and canoes to control this invasive aquatic weed and prevent the spread of this species within the Connecticut River watershed. 

3. Other Business

  • Open Space Workshop 6/29/16
  • Cancellation of 6/23/16 Meeting
  • Minutes

Reminder: Commission members that have not been present at one of the public hearings on any of these topics can not participate in any deliberation, inclusive of discussions, motions or voting.

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