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Event takes place on February 19, 2019 at 7:00 PM
536 Dwight St. Council Chambers, Holyoke, MA 01040

February 19,2019



1. From Mayor Alex B. Morse letter re: Proposal for the former Geriatric Authority Property.

2. From Mayor Alex B. Morse letter appointing Mr. Wayne Klinge, 22 Dale St. to serve as a Commissioner of the Council on Aging for the City of Holyoke. Mr. Klinge will serve the remainder term of Ms. Carmen Morales: said term will expire on August 2019.

3. From Brenna Murphy McGee, MMC & Ryan Allen, Admin. to City Council minutes of February 5, 2019.

4. From Alicia M. Zoeller, Administrator Office of Community Development letter re: FFY2019 Funding Recommendations from Citizens Advisory Committee and OCD Staff.

5. From Holyoke Board of Health minutes of December 7, 2017, February 1, April 5, June 7, September 6, October 3, October 15, 2018, January 3, 2019.

6. From Thomas J. O’Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center minutes of November 14, 2018.

7. Petition of John P. McCann, 415 Ingleside St. for a renewal of a home occupation for a Massage Therapy and Yoga.

8. Petition of Kenrick Williams, 97 Locust St. for a renewal of a Home occupation for Property Mgmt and Preservation.


9. LISI — the Holyoke City Council pass a wage theft ordinance to ensure that all contractors and developers who receive public funds (city contracts, tax breaks, housing development breaks) would need to comply with state laws governing the payment of wage and hour laws as well as any other obligations that would otherwise be required by the municipality to meet. If possible, the ordinance should also include advantages for Holyoke residents to obtain this work and ensure women, people of color, and Veterans are hired on the construction projects.

10. MCGEE — that Section 82-5(a) be amended to increase the allowable abatement limit from $1,000 to $1,500 pursuant to an amendment to MGL c. 59, Section 5N

11. MCGEE — Order that the finance committee invite in the Police Chief to discuss budget concerns and set aside time for executive session in order to discuss certain police projects.

12. MCGIVERIN — that in accordance with M.G.L. Chapter 44 Sec. 53A, the City Council hereby accepts the provisions of the “Veterans’ Heritage Grant Program” grant and authorizes the establishment of a Fund or other method appropriate for the accounting of the receipts and expenditures of all resources associated with the administration of said grant.

13. MURPHY — Ordered that the Development and Government Relations
SULLIVAN committee meet with the director of the office of
TALLMAN planning and development, the director of the community
development office, and representatives from the Holyoke
Housing Authority, One Holyoke, Valley Opportunity
Council, Nueva Esperanza, and other interested parties
to discuss the short and long term plans for improving
the Churchill neighborhood.  At this meeting, the
following areas should be discussed specifically:
corner of Jackson & Maple Street, vacant lot; corner
of Jackson and Chestnut Street, vacant lot; corner
of Franklin and Chestnut Street, vacant lot, corners
of Hampshire and Elms Street, vacant lots, parts of
Walnut Street between Sargeant and Hampshire, vacant
lots and poorly maintained properties, and Commercial
Street, vacant lots between Sargeant and Jackson Streets. 
Goal is to move the process to a recommended action,
and help create a timeline for what can and should
be done, and by which agencies.

14. MURPHY — Ordered that the public safety committee meet with representatives from the police department, the district attorney’s office, the law department, and the building commissioner, to determine if buildings owned by certain landlords have a history of greater tendency of criminal drug activity than others.  If that is the case, to discuss what legal means are available to hold that landlord fully accountable, and improve the quality of life for all of its residents.

15. MURPHY, LEBRON-MARTINEZ– Ordered that the city council meet with the department of public works superintendent to discuss the possibility of providing Refuse Disposal Permits free of charge to renters just as it is to residential homeowners.  Also, the policy deactivating a permit card when a landlord has failed to pay the sewer use charge should be discussed.

16. MURPHY — that a handicap sign be placed in front of 290 Chestnut St. for Asnelly Negron.

17. MURPHY — Ordered that the DPW place the following sidewalks on the list for spring projects.  East side South Bridge Street from S Canal to Jackson Street; South side of Jackson Street from S Summer to S Bridge; North Side of Sargeant Street from S Bridge to S East St.

18. MURPHY — Ordered that the DPW prune trees in the following areas as soon as possible.  These trees are restricting residents from opening windows because branches are right near the window.  Trees to be pruned are located at 586, 558, 554, 521 & 561 S Summer, 15 & 17 Hamilton, and 23 Sargeant Street.

19. VACON — that the Auditor/Treasurer provide an updated spreadsheet on our borrowing status including the monthly carrying costs of current and already approved bonds not yet purchased.
Please also include the monthly estimated cost of an additional 60M, 30 year bond.

20. ANDERSON-BURGOS — Ordered that a no parking to corner sign be placed
VACON on the northbound side of Jarvis Avenue 20 feet prior
to the entrance to Day Brook Village. Vehicles parking
on the corner are presenting a hazardous obstruction
to drivers attempting to exit.

21. BARTLEY — The city install a crosswalk across Northampton St.
BRESNAHAN near Washington Ave. and Lawler St. The purpose is
to improve the safety of students getting to and from
Metcalf School.

22. BARTLEY — That the Honorable City Council, in accordance with M.G.L. c 30B and the Holyoke Procurement Ordinance, vote to accept the offer from the B2 Health, LLC to purchase the land and building located at 45 Lower Westfield Road and adjacent land for $250,000.00. The properties are identified in Holyoke Assessor’s as Map 117, Block 00, Parcel 018 and Map 117, Block 00, Parcel 145. The properties are more particularly described in Hampden County Registry of Deeds in Book 3658, Page 325 and Book 16921, Page 558. The parcel is zoned Multifamily residence .and professional office (RO) and is the former Holyoke Geriatric Authority. Mayor’s acceptance letter and additional information has been submitted to the Council.

23. BARTLEY — The HPS Receiver send a communication to the City Council regarding the school department’s plans for Metcalf School.

24. BARTLEY — With the Paulo Friere School leaving the city at the end of this school year, order that the HPS Receiver send a communication to the City Council by the end of May 2019 to advise us on any financial impact this has to the City.

25. BRESNAHAN — Order that a school zone speed limit sign very similar
BARTLEY to the sign located at Lawrence School be placed in
front of Metcalf School at the crosswalk Northampton

The listing of matters are those reasonably anticipated by the chair which may be discussed at the meeting.
Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items not listed may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law

City Clerk

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