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Event takes place on September 20, 2017 at 7:00 PM
536 Dwight St. City Hall Chambers, Holyoke, MA 01040

September 20,2017


1. From Mayor Alex B. Morse letter re: Veto of Recreational Marijuana Moratorium.

2. Petition of Planning Board for a Zone change (Text) section




3. From Brenna Murphy McGee CMC, City Clerk minutes of September 5, 2017.

4. From Aaron Vega, State Representative, letter re: regulations of the Massachusetts Marijuana Industry.

5. From Michael P. McManus Superintendent letter re: address of 800 Kelly Way is hereby assigned to O’Connell Headquarters; Holyoke Assessors Map 177, lot 17 as requested.

6. From Michael P. McManus, Superintendent letter re: Address Change, 181 Appleton Street to 164 Race Street.

7. From Teresa M. Shepard, Director Parks & Recreation, letter re: Demolition of Springdale Park Storage Building.

8. From Matthew A. Mainville, Executive Director of the Holyoke Housing Authority letter re: Designation of Michael Falcetti as the Holyoke Housing Authority member for Community Preservation Committee.

9. From Board of Health minutes of June 1 and July 6, 2017.

10. From Board of Fire Commission minutes of August 16 and August 22, 2017.

11. From Parks & Recreation Commission minutes of April 25, 2017.


12. Petition of Cellco Partnership c/o Verizon Wireless a special permit to erect a wireless service facility at 302 Chestnut St.

13. Petition of Cellco Partnership c/o Verizon Wireless for a special permit to erect a wireless service facility at 177 West St.

14. Petition of Cellco Partnership c/o Verizon Wireless for a special permit to erect a wireless service facility at 2217 Northampton St.

15. Petition of Cellco Partnership c/o Verizon Wireless for a special permit to erect a wireless service facility at 532 South Bridge St.

16. Petition of Jannette Vega for an extension of her street vendor license.




17. Ordinance Committee Reports (if any)

17A. The Committee on Ordinance to whom was referred an order that the City Council order that all clothing drop boxes on property throughout the City are the responsibility of the property owner to police and maintain. Any and all such clothing drop boxes shall be kept clean of any clothes and trash that might accumulate outside these boxes. Any violation of this ordinance shall be culpable for a fine of up to 25 dollars. It should be noted that all property owners who allow these drop boxes on their property should be in communication with the owners of these boxes to prevent any eye sores in the neighborhoods of Holyoke Recommend that the order be adopted

17B. The Committee on Ordinance to whom was referred an order That Sec 2-157 of the City Ordinances be amended as follows in bolded italic type:
Sec. 2-157. – Absence, vacancy or disability, city solicitor.  
In the case of the absence, vacancy, or disability of the city solicitor, or in the case of the failure of the city council to confirm the city solicitor under section 34 of the Charter, the most senior assistant city solicitor, in number of years of continuous service to the city, shall act as the city solicitor and head of the law department for a period of time not to exceed ninety (90) days.  If the senior assistant city solicitor shall have acted as city solicitor for at least 90 days then he or she shall be removed from that acting position immediately, and no other member of the department may be eligible to serve in that capacity on an acting basis. Recommend that the order be adopted

17C. The Committee on Ordinance to whom was referred an order That the Ordinance Committee and the law department establisher look into a new ordinance for solicitation/panhandling  near any interceptions in the city that will not be allowed at least 200 Ft from any interceptions, Schools, Library, Stores, and day care.  Also, that any solicitation or panhandling Person/Organization obtain a $5.00 permit from the City Council.  Any medians in the City will have no loitering signs and a fine of $50.00 for anyone without a permit. Recommend that the order be given leave to withdraw

17D. The Committee on Ordinance to whom was referred an order That any person or group soliciting money from the public on city (public) property must obtain a permit from the police department prior to any solicitation. The permit shall remain in effect for a time designated by the Police Chief for up to 1 year and shall be obtained at least annually.  A permit fee may be charged to cover costs. Recommend that the order be given leave to withdraw

18. Finance Committee Reports (if any)

19. Public Safety Committee Reports (if any)

20. Public Service Committee Reports (if any)

21. Development and Governmental Relations Committee Reports (if any)

22. Charter and Rules Committee Reports (if any)

23. Joint City Council and School Committee Reports (if any)


24. VACON — that a sign Slow (with a wheel chair symbol) be posted near 513 Whitney Ave apartments so drivers will be made aware of a person in the area using a wheelchair near the roadway.

25. VACON — Trim low tree branches at the end of Cypress Rd and Southampton Rd and at the end of Sequoia and County Rd.  This is a constituent request for safety reasons.

26. VACON — that a safety evaluation and improvements be made to reduce the likelihood of drivers traveling into the yards of 288-292 Westfield road from Westfield road.

27. VACON — ORDER that a sign “blind driveway be placed near 397 Mountain Road

28. VACON — a horse sign be added to pole #50 on Mountain Road

29. BARTLEY — CC invite the new PVTA Administrator, Sandra E. Sheehan, to a future DGR meeting to discuss bus and transit service in and around Holyoke. Ms. Sheehan previously worked for the Greater Hartford Transit District as Director of Grants and Contract administration.

30. BARTLEY — The City remove Handicap parking at 27-29 John St. (Placard #P14500961). The resident no longer is at this address

31. BRESNAHAN — Order that all flags controlled by the City of Holyoke,
BARTLEY and on our property are always lowered to half mast
JOURDAIN on September 11th in remembrance of all those lost
VACON in this tragic terrorist attack on US soil.

32. LEAHY — that the City should repair and/or replace the sidewalks
MCGEE on Northampton Street.

33. MCGEE — Ordered that the Charter and Rules Committee review and offer suggested rule changes to the City Council Rules for the years make up (I.e That sub-committee will be made up of 3 members and not 5).

34. ROMAN — Ordered that the City of Holyoke Zoning Ordinance
LISI Section 7.10 be amended to allow medical marijuana
cultivation and processing facilities in the IG &
IP zones, and allow off-site medical marijuana dispensing
facilities in business zones BC, BE, BG, BH and BL.”

35. ROMAN — Ordered that the Arts & Industry Overlay District be expanded southward along the first and second level canals towards I-391, westward to include all industrially zoned properties along Commercial street and eastward to include all industrially zoned properties along Main and Clemente streets.”

36. ROMAN — Ordered that the zoning laws of South Holyoke be changed
LISI as proposed.   The current zoning laws proposed would
allow for increased business industrial and residential
homeownership growth.  

37. ROMAN — Ordered that the City of Holyoke through ordinance establish the Holyoke Police Commission a five member commission (three appointed by the Mayor and two appointed by the City Council.)

Their appointments are staggered and are subject to review and approval every two years of service.  The commission’s responsibility shall be for the charge, management, and control of the officers and members of the Holyoke Police Department.  Some of the duties include, but are not limited to, the hiring, terminating and promoting of police officers/ police chief, ruling on grievances, deciding on disciplinary matters, and approval of funding.

38. ROMAN — Ordered that the City of Holyoke Elections Commission explore and hold public hearings and research the costs of holdings early voting for all Holyoke municipal elections.

39. ROMAN — Ordered that the Holyoke Police Department create and establish a written job description for the Holyoke School Resources Officers in the Holyoke Public School.

40. ROMAN — Ordered that the City Council invite the Holyoke Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in to receive a proclamation in honor and celebration of their Centennial Anniversary in the City of Holyoke.

41. ROMAN —  Ordered that the City Council invite the Board of Directors of Nueva Esperanza Inc into receive a proclamation in honor and celebration of their 35th Anniversary in the City of Holyoke.

42. ROMAN —  Ordered that the City Council invite the Enlace de Familias in to receive a proclamation in celebration of their 20th Anniversary in the City of Holyoke.

43. ROMAN — Ordered that the City Council charter and rules committee explore the Committees of the Holyoke City Council in comparison to other municipalities with similar size councils to see if there is any opportunity for streamlining and or expansion of the current council committees.

44. ROMAN — Ordered that the Holyoke Superintendent Dr. Steven Zrike attend a Joint Committee of the City Council and School Committee and present an update on the benchmarks for the turn around plan and or an updated turn around plan report.

45. ROMAN — Ordered that the City Council explore office spaces / open rooms for the Council members to have office space in side City Hall.

46. ROMAN — Ordered that the Mayor include in the FY 2018 budget a second position for a second administrative assistant to the City Council.

47. ROMAN — Ordered that the City Human Resources Department provide the demographics of the municipal government workforce be provided.  What is the diversity rate compared to the city population and the relevant labor market? The purpose is to work with the administration and human resource department to identify where the workforce does not adequately reflect the diversity of the city of Holyoke. 

48. ROMAN — Ordered that the School Department submit a 2017 School Year break down report of all teaching staff in the Holyoke Public School System and what cities reside at, and a second report on the demographic break down of the 2017 District Teaching Staff.

Furthermore that the School Department provides a separate list of all of the School Systems Leadership team and what cities they reside in.  

Leadership Team includes:  

 – Superintendent of Schools, Chief Academic Officer, Chief of Strategy and Turnaround, Chief of Family & Community Engagement, Chief Talent Officer, Chief of Pupil Services, Chief Finance & Operations Officer,  Director of Secondary Education & Pathways, and Executive Director of Schools.

49. ROMAN — Ordered that all City owned buildings install baby
LISI changing stations in all bathrooms.

50. ROMAN — Ordered that the Holyoke City Council adopt a resolution calling on state and federal education policy makers to adopt a moratorium on the high-stakes use of standardized tests so that educators, parents and other members of our communities can work together to develop authentic assessment systems that allow more time for educators to teach and better prepare students for lifelong learning.

51. ROMAN — that the city council adopt a rent control ordinance
LISI for the arts and industry overlay zone and other zones
as appropriate in order to protect current residents
from being displaced as new residential and commercial
tenants begin to seek out space in our city’s center.



The listing of matters are those reasonably anticipated by the chair which may be discussed at the meeting.
Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items not listed may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law

City Clerk

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