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Event takes place on August 04, 2015 at 7:00 PM
City Council Chambers, City Hall, 536 Dwight st. Holyoke, MA

August 4,2015


1.    The Committee on Ordinance to whom was referred an order that Section 2-35 of the Code of Ordinances, entitled “Classification and Compensation Plans” be amended to incorporate a new Classification and Compensation Plan, Elected Official Salary Ordinance and Miscellaneous Salary Schedule based upon the results of the HRS Salary Study, and that the current DH, PR and Miscellaneous Salary Schedules, as well as any other amendments previously adopted under this section be repealed.
 Recommend that the order be adopted as amended and written in legal language



2.    From Mayor Alex B. Morse, letter appointing Marco Crescentini, 66 Fairfield Ave. to serve on the Fairfield Avenue Historic District Commission effective June 29, 2015:  Mr. Crescentini will serve a three year term; said term will expire on July 1, 2018.

3.    From Mayor Alex B. Morse, letter re-appointing Mr. Elbert J. Bowler, 26 Claren Dr. to serve as a member of the Board of Appeals for the City of Holyoke:  Mr. Bowler will serve a three-year term; said term will expire on July 1, 2018.

4.    From Irma Lopez Asst. City Clerk and Ryan Allen, Admin. Ass’t. to City Council, regular City Council meeting Minutes from June 16, Special City Council meeting minutes June 24 and July 14, 2015.

5.    From Bellamy H. Schmidt, Acting City Auditor letter re:  Budget Reviews.

6.    From Bellamy H. Schmidt, Acting City Auditor, re:  Monthly Budget Reports for the General fund and Waste Water Treatment Plant as of May 31, 2015.

7.    From Bellamy H. Schmidt, Acting City Auditor, letter re:  Gandara Lease update.

8.    From Jeffrey Burkott, Office of Planning & Development letter re:  Site Plan Review – Holyoke Medical Center, 575 Beech St.

9.    From David M. Conti, Manager Holyoke Water Works, letter re:  Information meeting to meet with City Councilors.

10.    From Board of Health minutes of May 21, 2015.

11.    From Holyoke Economic Development and Industrial Corporation, minutes from March 12, 2015.

12.    From Holyoke Redevelopment Authority minutes of April 15, 2015.

13.    From Board of Fire Commission minutes from May 11, 2015.

14.    From Board of Public Works minutes of June 1, and June 15, 2015.

15.    From Sewer Commission minutes of June 1, and June 15, 2015.

16.    From Stormwater Authority minutes of June 1, and June 15, 2015.

17.    From Holyoke Historical Commission, minutes from February 16, Mar. 9, May 11, and June 8, 2015.

18.    From Fairfield Avenue Local Historic District Commission minutes from Jan. 14, Feb. 11, Mar. 11, Apr. 8, and May 13, 2015.

19.    From Melvin Colon of Springfield, Mass. letter appealing the decision of the Chief of Police to operate a taxi cab in the City of Holyoke.

20.    From the McGee Family thank you letter for flower arrangement on birth of their daughter Maille.


21.    Petition of Dennis Croteau of Holyoke for a zone change at 79 & 83 Lower Westfield Rd. from BL to BG or IG.

22.    Petition of Kevin J. Tomlinson of Chicopee, for a special permit for a non-conforming use at 16 Maple St.

23.    Petition of Madeline Pagan, of 161 Beech St. a new special permit for a home occupation for a scented candle business.

24.    Petition of Alfonzo Woods for a new and used motor vehicles & trucks and marine & recreational vehicles establishment at 395 Maple St.

25.    Petition of Alfonzo Woods for a new Motor Vehicle Repair Garage at 395 Maple St.

26.    Petition of Sprint and TMobile for a new wireless telecommunications facility or material modification and for a flood plain overlay district at 200 Northampton Rd.



27.    Ordinance Committee Reports (if any)

27A.    The Committee on Ordinance to whom was referred an order That in lieu of a costly and impracticable public acceptance of Owens Place as a public way, the City Council enacts an ordinance authorizing temporary repairs to Owens Place. According to Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 40, § 6N, a municipality’s voluntary undertaking to repair does not transform the nature of a private way into a public one. The ordinance or by-law authorizing temporary repair of a private way must “determine (a) the type and extent of repairs; (b) if drainage shall be included; (c) if the repairs are required by public necessity; (d) the number of percentage of abutters who must petition for such repairs; (e) if betterment charges shall be assessed; (f) the liability limit of the city or town on account of damages caused by such repairs; (g) if the ways shall have been opened to public use for a term of years; and (h) if a cash deposit shall be required for said repairs.”  Ordinance to be put into legal form and sent to full Council without a recommendation

27B.    The Committee on Ordinance to whom was referred an order   that the City Council Ordinance Committee work with the Planning Department and City Clerk’s office to re-craft the application process for special permits for auto vehicle sales and vehicle repair. It has become clear that the current process does not serve the interest of business applicants, nor does it provide adequate information to relevant city departments involved in assessing proposed projects. Recommend that the order has been complied with

27C.    The Committee on Ordinance to whom was referred an order Amend Ordinances to either remove the “No parking” sign on Lawler St. (near Barry Farrell’s) or move it closer to Northampton St.  Parking is limited in this area Recommend that the order has been complied with

27D.    The Committee on Ordinance to whom was referred an order That the Ordinance Committee work with the  relevant parties (Historical Commission, Office for Community Development, OPED,and Law Department) to develop ordinance(s) for  historic preservation. Please consider including the following: requirements  for protecting vacant buildings from the elements (specifically  water/moisture penetration) similar to those for securing buildings from vandalism; a system of mitigation to the City for losses of historic  property with revenues to be earmarked for historic preservation or  improvements within 1000 ft of the site of the loss; a system for  requiring insurance or bond on historic properties determined with  objective criteria to be at very high risk of loss and/or high risk of  injury (and explore possibility of transfer or carry-over if property  gets taken for tax title). Consider holding a public hearing to solicit  citizen input for further ideas and feedback, and consider any relevant  information from other communities or experts in the field.

 Recommend that the order has been complied with

28.    Finance Committee Reports (if any)

28A.    The Committee on Finance to whom was referred a secondhand license application for Gabriel Serrano and Idoel Ortiz for Kingdom Master Jewelers on 2020 Northampton St.  Recommend that the application be approved

28B.    The Committee on Finance to whom was referred an order That the Chamber of Commerce’s financial review team be invited into the Finance Committee to discuss FY15 and FY16 Budgets Recommend that the order has been complied with

29.    Public Safety Committee Reports (if any)

29A.    The Committee on Public Safety to whom was referred an order that the chief of police, DPW, and board of health director be invited to come before the public safety committee to discuss and/or provide a safety plan on dealing with needles found by constituents.  Several constituents have expressed concern that there is no procedure in place to deal with the proper and safe disposal of needles when needles are found on sidewalks or on/in park areas.  Recommend that the order has been complied with

29B.    The Committee on Public Safety to whom was referred an order That the Board of Health come before the City Council to discuss its plans to deal with opioid drug use in the City of Holyoke including prevention and treatment programs and coordination with other agencies and institutions Recommend that the order has been complied with

29C.    The Committee on Public Safety to whom was referred an order that an evaluation and steps to improve the safety and traffic flow of the intersection of Lower Westfield Rd., Holy Family Rd. and the entrances to the old geriatric authority and the Congregate Housing be completed in light of the Mayor’s approval of a license for the Western MA Correctional Alcohol Center. According to the website the program will house 164 men and 18 women. Recommend that the order has been complied with

29D.    The Committee on Public Safety to whom was referred an order that the City Engineer study the intersection of Magnolia and Mackenzie and determine if a Stop sign, yield sign, or other appropriate traffic sign be installed to address the traffic issues in the area. Recommend that the order has been complied with

29E.    The Committee on Public Safety to whom was referred an order that DPW and United Water ensure the drainage system near 207 Fairmont St. can handle the water run-off capacity and take any corrective measures necessary.       Recent storms have flooded resident’s home and backyard with water pouring into his property from the street. Recommend that the order has been complied with

29F.    The Committee on Public Safety to whom was referred an order that the DPW and United Water look into the catch basin drainage issues at the corner of Woods Ave. and Francis Ave. During heavy rains water enters several residences on Woods Ave. Recommend that the order has been complied with

30.    Public Service Committee Reports (if any)

31.    Development and Governmental Relations Committee Reports (if any)

32.    Charter and Rules Committee Reports (if any)


33.    LEAHY    —    Ordered that the Mayor and the Fire Chief come before the Public Safety sub committee as soon as possible to discuss the brownout of both Engine 2 and Tactical 2.  Please come prepared to discuss potential options of putting these apparatuses back online.

34.    LEAHY    —    Ordered that the bleachers at Mayer Field be fixes
    TALLMAN        ASAP.

35.    LEAHY    —    The Parks and Recreation department assess the needs at every park and come into a meeting with the Public Service Committee to discuss each parks conditions and offer solutions.

36.    MCGEE    —    that there be and is hereby appropriated by transfer in the fiscal year 2015, Five thousand seven hundred forty and 00/100 Dollars ($5,740) as follows: (Mayor)

11211-51103    Aide to Mayor        $5,740
        TOTAL:    $5,740
11212-57800    Public/Dignitary Receptions        $2,000
11212-53010    Professional Services        2,240
11212-53190    Employee Training        1,500
        TOTAL:    $5,740

37.    MCGEE    —    that the amount of One thousand six hundred and 00/100 Dollars ($1,600) be authorized from the City Solicitor Department’s Litigation (11512-57600), One hundred two and 00/100 Dollars ($102) be authorized from the Special Counsel (11512-53010) appropriation in fiscal year 2016 for services rendered in fiscal year 2015 which were unencumbered at the 2015 fiscal year end.

38.    MCGEE    —    that the Holyoke City Council gives a proclamation to the Holyoke High School As School Match Wits Team for winning the 2015 Collamore Cup.

This is the first time in 54 years that the Holyoke High team has won this competition.  It was said that the final match against five time winner longmeadow was the most epic battle in the show’s history. It went into four lighting rounds before the tie was broken.

39.    MCGEE    —    that the DPW install “Children at Play” signs in the following areas:
1.  Magnolia Ave.
2.  Mackenzie Ave.
3.  George St.
4.  Vadnais St.

40.    MCGEE    —    that a speed limit sign be posted at the top of George Street.

41.    MCGEE    —    that the DPW/Forestry dept. cut the trees over hanging the street on Dartmouth, near 76 Dartmouth St.

42.    MCGEE    —    that the DPW patch the sidewalk near 40 Magnolia Ave.

43.    MCGEE    —    that DPW/Parks and Recreation install a changing table in the Bathrooms at Community Field.

44.    SOTO    —    the DPW install a temporary speed hump on Old Ferry Rd.

45.    SOTO    —    the DPW install temporary speed hump on Reservation Rd.

46.    SOTO    —    That a handicap sign be placed in front of 577 So. Bridge St. for Nathanael Santiago.

47.    VACON    —    That a proclamation be issued to the Holyoke Rotary
    BARTLEY        Club in recognition of 100 years of community service
            and humanitarian projects.  The Rotary Club is an
            international organization of business people and
            professionals.  Some Holyoke Rotary Club service projects
            have included:

— Providing dictionaries and “literacy
            back packs” to youngsters to improve reading abilities.

            Eight to ten college scholarships a year
— Purchase
            of water purification filters for families in remote
            villages of Honduras as part of the Rotary Club’s
            “Pure Water for the World” effort.

48.    VACON    —    That Jon Lumbra be requested (by our legal department) to return any pay he received from the City of Holyoke as Treasurer after he began full time employment for Loomis Communities.

49.    VALENTIN    —    the HPD offers the City Council an update regarding the segways that were purchased for the department in the past and that the possibility of selling this equipment is evaluated, if it will not be used by the department.

50.    BARTLEY    —    Order the DPW superintendent to hang the picture frames depicting past Holyoke Governments in City Hall outside of Room 11.  (Please expedite)

51.    BARTLEY    —    City Council invite the school receiver to address the public and City Councilors.

52.    BARTLEY    —    Invite the Hon. Mike Albano, Governor’s Councilor to a DGR meeting.

53.    BARTLEY    —    Order the DPW to repair the sidewalk on Westfield Rd. in front of Blessed Sacrament School.

54.    BARTLEY    —    Order the DPW to replace the street sign at the intersection of Elmore and Granville Sts.  The Elmore St. sign is missing.

55.    BARTLEY    —    the City Council amend its code of ordinances to charge $5.00 per parking space at the Mayor Proulx and Mayor Taupier garages for the duration of Celebrate Holyoke.  This is similiar to the ordinance change City Council made for Road Race/Parade Weekend.

56.    BARTLEY    —    the City amend its code of ordinances to sunset longevity bonuses for employees hired after 01/01/2016 or some other date to which the CC agrees.  This order would not directly impact any union employees.  This order would not affect any current employees.  This order would not impact and city contracts.

57.    BARTLEY    —    In light of the interest in accepting formerly unaccepted streets, Order that the Mayor and/or the DPW superintendent provide to the City Council a realistic cost estimate prior to starting.

58.    BARTLEY    —    Due to constituent concerns, Order that HPD set up traffic enforcement on West Glen st. Also, order that temporary speed humps be set up on West Glen St. as soon as possible.

59.    BARTLEY    —    Due to traffic violations and a number of accidents the City should work with the owners of K-Mart Plaza to reconfigure the Whiting Farms Rd. entrance/exit.  

60.    BARTLEY    —    DPW repaint the “do not block the box” lines on Northampton st. near Gilman and Clark Sts.  DPW trim branches covering 391 sign on Resnic Blvd. and the 202 sign at corner of Homestead and Cherry St.

61.    BARTLEY    —    that the City Council, in accordance with M.G.L. c.
    VALENTIN        30B and the Holyoke Procurement Ordinance, consider
            an offer from Stephen Bosco to purchase a parcel of
            land located at 99 Beech Street for $7,500.  Said
            property is described in the Holyoke Assessor’s Records
            as Map 062, Block 05, Parcel 006, consisting of approximately
            4,400 square feet of vacant land, more or less, and
            is more particularly described in a deed recorded
            in Hampden County Registry of Deeds Book 10710, Page
            123. The property is zoned as DR (Downtown Residential
            District) and has an assessed value of $26,900.  Letter
            from Mayor Alex Morse and additional information has
            been submitted to the Council.  Letter from Mr. Bosco
            proposing to use this lot for green space or community

62.    BARTLEY    —    that the City Council, in accordance with M.G.L. c.
    VALENTIN        30B and the Holyoke Procurement Ordinance, consider
            an offer from Stephen Bosco to purchase a parcel of
            land located at 416-418 Appleton Street for $4,600.
            Said property is described in the Holyoke Assessor’s
            Records as Map 061, Block 02, Parcel 014, consisting
            of approximately 2,526 square feet of vacant land,
            more or less, and is more particularly described in
            a deed recorded in Hampden County Registry of Deeds
            Book 17393, Page 73. The property is zoned as DR (Downtown
            Residential District) and has an assessed value of
            $4,600.   Letter from Mayor Alex Morse and additional
            information has been submitted to the Council. Letter
            from Mr. Bosco proposing to use this lot for parking.


63.    BARTLEY    —    Ordered, that in accordance with M.G.L. Ch. 40, Sec. 4A, the City Council approve an intermunicipal agreement between the Town of Amherst, City of Holyoke, City of Northampton, Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, City of Springfield and University of Massachusetts, Amherst for a regional bike share program. A copy of the proposed Agreement is attached.”

64.    JOURDAIN    —    That the Zoning Section 7.1.1, 4 be amended as follows by adding the following clause, ” Parking lots or structures designed to serve these institutions and their accessory uses and buildings are allowed whether or not a fee is charged for their use; provided, that parking lots shall only be allowed by special permit of the City Council.”

65.    JOURDAIN    —    that the slow handicap child sign currently in front of St. Jerome cemetery please be moved up on telephone pole closer to Sargeant Street so drivers have more notice of child who lives across the street.

66.    JOURDAIN    —    that the G&E repair the concrete sidewalk in front of 63 and 65 Columbus Ave with actual concrete and not an asphalt patch.  The sidewalk was cut open when a gas line had to be replaced.

67.    JOURDAIN    —    hat the City declare surplus and place for sale either via auction or RFP the city owned 2 Family House located at 32-34 Greenwood Avenue.  This should be done as soon as possible in light of the degrading condition of the property.

68.    JOURDAIN    —    Ordered, that the Mayor and City Council approve amendments to the previously adopted petition to the Massachusetts General Court to enact “An Act Establishing an Appointed Treasurer for the City of Holyoke” which has been filed by Representative Vega. See attached draft legislation.

69.    JOURDAIN    —    Ordered, that the Mayor and City Council petition the General Court to enact legislation to amend the City Charter and increase the term of School Committee Members elected by wards from two (2) to four (4) years. This change would not take effect until the date of the next regular city election following passage by the voters at the November 2015 municipal election. See attached draft legislation.

70.    JOURDAIN    —    That an ordinance be created which states that licenses
    VACON        in land or other real property of the city may not
            be issued until two-thirds of the City Council has
            approved. (For example, the license to the Sheriff
            of the Geriatric Authority building for the alcohol
            treatment center).

The listing of matters are those reasonably anticipated by the chair which may be discussed at the meeting.  
Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items not listed may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law

                  City Clerk

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