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Event takes place on January 06, 2015 at 7:00 PM
city hall, City council chambers, 536 Dwight St. Holyoke, MA

January 6,2015


1.    The Committee on Ordinance to whom was referred a special permit application for Carmen Garcia for a new motor vehicle repair garage at 640 South Bridge St. have considered the same and recommend that the application be approved under the condition that a letter is received from the plumbing inspector confirming that the building does have the oil/gas separator (MDC trap).

2.    The Committee on Ordinance to whom was referred an order that a handicap placard sign be placed in front of 44 Congress St. for Lester Forrette Jr. Placard #P07170906

3.    The Committee on Ordinance to whom was referred an order that a handicap placard sign be placed in front of 54 1/2 Davis St. for Angel Vasquez Placard No. P01982562



4.    Appointment  of City Officers for 2015

5.    From Mayor Alex B. Morse, letter re-appointing Fire Chief John Pond, Fire Headquarters, 600 High St. to serve as the Emergency Management Director for the City of Holyoke:  Chief Pond will serve a one-year term; said term will expire January 2016.

6.    From Brenna Murphy McGee, City Clerk City Council minutes of December 16, 2014

7.    From the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Revenue Tax Rate Recapitulation of Holyoke

8.    From Edward J. Moskal, President Local #388, International Brotherhood of Police Officers, letter to members of the Holyoke Police Department, thanking the people who made the tribute to John DiNapoli, on his fifteenth anniversary of his tragic death

9.    From Board of Fire Commissioners, minutes of October 27, 2014

10.    From Jacqueline Harris, resident of the City of Holyoke, letter with suggestion on Northampton St. Shoprite, at Kmart plaza


11.    Petition of Yasir Osman, Metro Taxi, from 295 Allen St. Springfield, Mass. for 5 new taxi cab applications

12.    Petition from property owners adjacent to and extending three hundred feet from the land of 399 Appleton St. (YMCA) protesting zone change



13.    Ordinance Committee Reports (if any)

13A.    The Committee on Ordinance to whom was referred a special permit application for new and used motor vehicles & trucks and marine & recreational vehicles establishment at 829 Main St. for  Ismael Rivera Diaz, Conditions:  comply with plans submitted recommend the application be approved

13B.    The Committee on Ordinance to whom was referred an order that DPW paint a crosswalk on St. Kolbe Dr. going from the Pope John Paul Social Center to the parking lot across the street.  recommend that the order be adopted

13C.    The Committee on Ordinance to whom was referred an order Whereas: The current process for selecting and approving private artwork installations on public property is loosely defined and has not been vetted or approved by this council

Ordered: That the council create an ordinance defining that process including neighborhood and abutter considerations for site selection, consideration of any pedestrian, traffic or other hazards possibly created, clarification of installation, maintenance, removal and restoration responsibilities both physical and financial, consideration of any potential liability on the part of the city, and consideration of any other impacts to the urban environment or municipal finances created by such installations.

Further ordered, that a standard contract for such installations be developed including the appropriate considerations, approvals, sign-offs and assignment of financial responsibilities.

Further ordered, that the DPW, Parks Dept and all other city entities refrain from approving or installing any such artwork until such a policy is developed and adopted by this Council.   Awaiting disposition

14.    Finance Committee Reports (if any)

15.    Public Safety Committee Reports (if any)

16.    Public Service Committee Reports (if any)

17.    Development and Governmental Relations Committee Reports (if any)

18.    Charter and Rules Committee Reports (if any)

18A.    The Committee on Charter and Rules to whom was referred an order that the Mayor and/or the City Council temporarily appoint the City Tax Collector as Collector/Treasurer in order to handle the day to day operations due to the absence of the Treasurer. By allowing the Collector to act in this capacity we are allowing the office to have daytime oversight and coverage. A stipend could be paid to cover the extra workload taken on by the Collector.  Recommend that the order be adopted


19.    JOURDAIN    —    That the Chamber of Commerce’s Financial Review team be invited into Finance Committee to discuss FY 15 and FY 16 Budgets.

20.    LEBRON-MARTINEZ    —    that a handicap sign be placed in front of 60 North Bridge St. for Carmelo Sanabria Placard #P65482055, Exp: 11/24/2019

21.    MCGEE    —    that there be and is hereby appropriated by transfer in the fiscal year 2015, One hundred thousand and 00/100 Dollars ($100,000) as follows: (Fire)

*****-*****    General Fund Free Cash        $100,000
        TOTAL:    $100,000
12201-51300    Overtime        $100,000
        TOTAL:    $100,000

22.    MCGEE    —    That the City Council place a non-binding questions on the November 3, 2015 ballot asking:
1. Should the City Council be reduced to 13 (7 Wards and 6 at-large).
2. Should the City switch from a Mayor to a City Manager.

23.    VACON    —    The City Council issue a proclamation honoring the
    JOURDAIN        100th birthday of Dina Polverini Levesque who was
            born in Holyoke January 15, 1915.  Her parents Anna
            & Dominic settled in Holyoke in 1914 after arriving
            at Ellis Island from Italy.  She lived on Race and
            Bond streets and after she married Alcide Levesque,
            they had two daughters and built and home on Mountain
            Road in 1949 where she currently resides.

24.    VACON    —    That the appropriate city officials provide copies
    JOURDAIN        of all documents pertaining to the demolition of the
            Essex House and any associated costs to the City Council.
            Documents sought include the demolition contract,
            terms of the bond agreement for the demolition contractor,
            relocation agreements/expenses for individuals and
            businesses and any other related costs.

25.    VACON    —    That the Treasurer prorate his salary to hours worked,
    JOURDAIN        retroactive to the date of full-time employment with
            Loomis Communities as previously offered.  It is unsustainable
            for the city to pay the full-time salary for a
            who is employed full-time with another organization.

26.    VACON    —    That the Treasurer also provide us the promised letter
    JOURDAIN        clarifying his date of departure so the City Council
            can begin the process of finding a replacement.

27.    VALENTIN    —    That the DPW and the Building Department determine the work required to do repairs to the Armory in order to maintain structural integrity, including an estimate of costs

28.    BARTLEY    —    To solicit input from the Ward 3 residents and interested
     BRESNAHAN        parties, Order that the DPW and Parks and Recreations
            Commissioners organize a public meeting or two to
            discuss the pending improvements at Crosier, MacKenzie,
            and Archie Roberts Stadium.  The meeting should be
            held at either Peck or Holyoke High.  Please coordinate
            with Dennis Birks, Dr. Paez and Councilor Bartley

The listing of matters are those reasonably anticipated by the chair which may be discussed at the meeting.  
Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items not listed may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law

                  City Clerk

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