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Event takes place on April 24, 2018 at

On Tuesday, April 24th the Greater Council for Human Understanding will host its annual Holocaust Commemoration event at the Holyoke Senior Center at 6:45 PM. This event is sponsored by the Council for Human Understanding, the Holyoke Public Schools, Holyoke Community College, and the Holyoke Council on Aging.


Each year we remember the more than 6 million people who were massacred during the Holocaust. Our guest speaker this year is Eva Sartori, a child survivor born in Bialystock which was then a part of Poland. Sartori and her family survived the war by joining Russian partisans until 1944 when fighting became too intense. The family was then evacuated to Moscow, where she was not allowed to stay. Sartori and her family made their way to the Caucus, an area where anti-Semitism was rife and where her mother was forced to put her and her brother in an orphanage. Sartori describes this as “a bitter experience for two small children who, however perilous the situation, had never been separated from their parents.”


At the end of the war, Sartori was reunited with her family and was allowed to leave Russia to Poland. They lived there for a year, but anti-Semitism was still rampant. Fearing for their safety, her family boarded a train to Paris where they waited five years for a visa to come live in America. Sartori reflects “though we were living in extreme poverty, it was a happy time because for the first time we didn’t fear extermination.”


Sartori and her family lived in New Jersey where she graduated from New Brunswick High School. She attended Bryn Mawr College and later received a Ph.D. in French Literature from Boston University. Eva Sartori later on married a Physics professor from the University of Nebraska and moved there where she became a librarian with a specialty in modern languages. She has published several reference books and a translated collection of Jewish women writing in French, entitled Daughters of Sarah.


Eva Sartori and her husband are now retired and live close to their two daughters and three grandchildren in Newton, Massachusetts.


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