E.N. White School Improvement Council Text Size

Event takes place on October 30, 2013 at 3:15 PM until 4:15 PM
E.N. White Library 1 Jefferson St. Holyoke

I.   School Improvement Council Overview

II.  District Goals Overview

III.  E.N. White Improvement Plan for 2013-2014

       a.  Overall Spring 2013 Data (MCAS, BAS)

       b.  The Four Strategic Objectives

       c.  Major Initiatives:

            1.  K-3 Literacy Work

            2.  DESE Unites at 3rd.4th

            3.  Reader -To-Reader at 7th.8th 

            4.  Math fluency Skills

            5.  Science ORQ

           6.  Text Evidence Reading and Writing in Specials Classes

           7.  Parent Engagement:

                 a.  Encaminate!  Parent Literacy Class

                b.  Edline Access

                c.  School and Community Activity Participation

                d.  Home School Title One Compact

           8.  Attendance For Literacy Committee

IV.  Other

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