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Event takes place on March 24, 2016 at 6:15 PM until 7:15 PM
4th Floor Conference Room, City Hall Annex, Room 403

Conservation Commission agenda

Conservation Commission
City of Holyoke
March 24, 2016
4th Floor Conference Room
20 Korean Vetarans’ Plaza
6:15 PM
1.New Business
A) Community Preservation Act Presentation
❖ Community Presentation and Discussion about adopting the Community Presentation Act
❖ Presenter: Josh Berk Knox, Ward 7
B) Notice of Intent: DEP 186-0256
❖ Applicant: SHR Energy Management
❖Representative: Steven Marsden, Marsden Engineering.
❖Location: 307 Whitney Avenue (MBP 176-00-002)
❖Description: Notice of Intent filed by Marsden Engineering, Inc. on behalf of SHR Energy
Management LLC for the construction of a 659 KW solar facility located on a 7.5 acre parcel
of land on Whitney Avenue ( Lot 7, MBP 176-00-003). The construction of an access road is
within the 100′ Buffer Zone of a Vegetated Wetland and within the 50′ Limit of Disturbance
established in Section VII.C(2) of the Holyoke Wetlands Ordinance. The Applicant is seeking
limited project designation under Section 310 CMR 10.24 and 10.53 of the Massachusetts
WPA and has requested a variance from the 50′ Buffer Zone performance standards under
section VII.C.2.b of the Holyoke Wetlands Ordinance .
2.Old Commission Business
A) Minutes
❖ February 25, 2016
B) Administrative and Project Updates
3. Other Business
A) Distribution of Applications – NOI for Log Pond Cove and NOI for Mt. Tom Solar Installation
B) Scheduling site visits
4. Adjourn

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