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Event takes place on August 08, 2019 at 6:15 PM until 7:15 PM
20 Korean Veterans' Plaza, 4th Floor, Holyoke, MA 01040

Conservation Commission

August 8, 2019

20 Korean Veterans’ Plaza

4th Floor Conference Room

6:15 PM

1.Continued Business

A)Notice of Intent: DEP 186-0276 [Approval of Conditions]

  • Applicant: DBO7- 161 Lower Westfield Road
  • Representative: Suzanne King, BL Companies
  • Location: 161 Lower Westfield Road
  • Description: Work will involve reconfiguring the existing developed site to connect north and south parking lots as well as restoration of a portion of the Tannery Brook Riverfront Resource Area on Tax Map Parcels (174-00-037 & 174-00-012).

2. Other Business

  1. Review of Draft Conservation Restriction for Gloutak Parcel
  2. Edna Williams Parcel Discussion
  3. Scott Tower Parcel Discussion
  4. Any and all other business the Chair could not reasonably anticipate at the time of publication.

3. Adjourn

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