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Event takes place on May 09, 2019 at 6:15 PM until 9:15 PM
20 Korean Veterans' Plaza, Room #403

Conservation Commission

May 9, 2019

4th Floor Conference Room, City Hall Annex

20 Korean Vets’ Plaza

6:15 PM

1. New Business

A) Notice of Intent: DEP 186-0275

  • Applicant: Holyoke Department of Public Works, Robert Peirent, City Engineer
  • Representative: Melissa Coady, Tighe&Bond
  • Location: Jackson Street Sewer Separation Project, Area (South Canal Street, Jackson Street)
  • Description: Work within Land Under Waterbodies and Waterways located within the Third Level Canal to install a gravity-fed sewer main in furtherance of the City’s effort to eliminate CSO outfalls in the City. 

B) Notice of Intent: City of Holyoke COH 01-2019

  • Applicant: Mt. Tom Generating, LLC
  • Representative: Melissa Coady, Tighe&Bond
  • Location: 200 Northampton Street 
  • Description: Demolition of the former coal facility, capping of contaminated waste, stream bank stabilization and work within the Connecticut River.

2. Other Business

  1. Minutes February 28, 2019/ March 28, 2019/April 11/April 25
  2. Update on Gloutak Parcel
  3. Summer Meeting Location
  4. Any other business the chair could not reasonable anticipate at the time that this meeting was posted.

3. Adjourn

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